Salt ‘N Pepper

Dress: The WhitePepper | Boots: Irregular Choice
This dress had been on my wishlist for what felt like forever. I couldn’t justify spending £55 on something for myself when I had no reason to.
And then I achieved something, and rewarded myself with some money I had put by (which my wonderful Grandfather matched) and I knew instantly that this dress was one of the things I’d buy.
I was really unsure on the sizing and almost went for a medium but at the last minute popped the small in my basket which turned out to be the right decision as any bigger and it would have looked stupidly big instead of deliberatley oversized. The quality of the dress is amazing and it’s lovely to wear something that I’ve wanted for so long instead of my usual impulse buys (which are usually good decisions but don’t hold the same power).
Normal life is now resuming. Work is satisfying and my back is holding up. As much as I loved the festive period I’m glad to see the back of tinsel and decorations. All that remains is the mountain of biscuits and chocolates that patients bought us folks in the office.
I’ve a busy few days ahead with lots of appointments, I’m eagerly anticipating one with a neurosurgeon about my back- hopefully I can get some light shed on what went wrong and whether it will happen again. I’m itching for it to get better so I can get back to wearing heels for more than just outfit photos.
Have you ever wanted something so badly then finally treated yourself? It’s the best feeling!

16 comments for “Salt ‘N Pepper

  1. Ive never heard of the white pepper but I looove your dress! Will most definitely have to check them out 🙂

  2. samatha

    I do like the print and colour on you but : I don’t honestly like the shape. I personally don’t think it’s flattering on you. The style seems to be popular at the minute. I just think it adds unflattering weight on a person.

  3. ah that’s lovely, definitely worth the wait! it’s such a hard shape to pull off but i think you rock it! xo

  4. That is a lovely dress! x

  5. You look amazing Laura! This dress was definitely worth the wait, you look gorge xxx

  6. You are rocking this dress Laura, it’s so beautiful & I love it contrasted with your hair too 🙂

    Well deserved, and your Grandfather sounds like the sweetest!

    Sophie <3 soinspo

  7. This dress is lovely Laura!

    Corinne x

  8. well aren’t you just a mega cutie. love how loose and comfy this looks x

  9. Nice to treat yourself sometimes.I think you made a great choice too, I like big dresses like this one.

    Buckets & Spades

  10. Snap 🙂 It looks lovely on you! Glad I went for small too, it’s still mega roomy.. love the quality of it too. And yes it’s always great to treat yourself 🙂 xx

  11. I seem to treat myself too much lately, I’d be better off saving the money for a house deposit, I guess.

  12. love that look on you! and it looks like a nice day outside too xx