Sarenza Shoe of the Week

It seems with the rubbish weather we’ve had lately my lustings for pretty sandals and impractical shoes have been washed away and replaced with something entirely more sensible.
This week my Sarenza shoe of the week goes to these frankly stunning Chuck Taylor Speciality Ox in Silver priced at £68. I think what swung it for me was the baby pink laces against the Silver textile shoe…pricey for Converse perhaps, but these aren’t just your average Converse and will see you through all kinds of variable weather.

Are you a fan of Converse? What shoes have you been living in lately?


10 comments for “Sarenza Shoe of the Week

  1. I have hardly worn my sandals at all this year. I have been living in my Melissa ballet pumps which are great for keeping my feet dry. I love Converse, your pick is great, I love the silver and even better that they are water proof..

  2. Those laces are adorable! I’, the same as you and have ditched my sandals in favour of my leather boots, and yesterday I even wore my wellies!


  3. Ooh silver Converse? So pretty! xxx

  4. Silver Converse are very much a luxury, but I can’t deny they are super pretty xxx

  5. I love the laces! Silver converse are prettyyyyyy xx

  6. I love the colour and laces! Come and have a look at my new Primark haul!

  7. Love converse. These ones are especially nice. You’ve just reminded me how badly I need some new converse! They’re just so easy to wear! xo

  8. I have to say that my converse have been worn more than ever recently, I do tend to go through shoe phases and this one shows little sign of waning!

  9. I have killed my laced pump soles only today. I need a new pair.


  10. sensible shoes…a phrase I dislike hahhaa
    These shoes are great, I am a converse fan but it has been many years since I had a pair. I used to live in them!

    Karys x