Sarenza Shoe of the Week

I guess it was inevitable when going through the alphabet that I would eventually run out of brands the further toward the end I got;
so my newest (and regular) Sarenza feature will instead showcase my shoe of the week…I’m pretty sure this is actually a post I could make daily, such is the variety of brands and styles they sell, but for now, weekly…

And this week I’m kicking it off with a Sarenza favourite, Georgia Rose and their amazing Ziggo sandal, £109.70

Wood, leather and a touch of gold glitter, it’s pretty obvious why I adore these. They are just about laid back enough for day wear, and the right side of sparkly for a casual night out with friends. The gold glitter will look perfect against suntanned skin; something I currently lack, but if this weather holds up then maybe, just maybe I’ll look a little less translucent!


9 comments for “Sarenza Shoe of the Week

  1. Loving these. A bit of glitter and I’m hooked.

    X x

  2. loving the glitter also! these would be fab for a summer holiday x

  3. Those shoes are gorgeous. I love the sparkles on the front.

  4. Awww they are SO cute! they’re very carrie bradshaw!


  5. They’re gorgeous! They look perfect for summer and you can’t beat a bit of sparkle 🙂

    Caroline x
    Caroline’s Catwalk

  6. Glitter!! Gorgeous!

  7. These are real pretty!

  8. Ooh, they’re lovely and a perfect height!