Sarenza Shoe of the Week

Meet this week’s object of desire from Sarenza; the Jennell by Guess shoe boot; a luxury love at £192, but the sleek and studded design has me weak at the knees. It might be just as well I’m not up to heels yet as I’m dangerously close to purchasing these babies…I’d never really considered Guess as a brand for shoes up until a few months ago but they make some absolutle beauties.

Take a look at Sarenza for yourself, what would your shoe of the week be?


9 comments for “Sarenza Shoe of the Week

  1. Ohh, look at those heels! 🙂 I’m so tall already I never wear heels. 🙂

  2. So lust worthy! xxx

  3. stunning shoes! x

  4. Oooooh, hallo! xxx

  5. I love the Bloch ballerinas – I’m kind of obsessed with ballet flats right now. Ballet pink, cream or periwinkle blue – perfect. <3

  6. Wow those shoes are FIT!! 🙂


  7. These are BEAUTIFUL!

    Maria xxx

  8. have to agree, these are a masterpiece! x

  9. These are a work of beauty!!