Sarenza Sunday: A Step too Far?

Believe it or not, the hi-tops above are by Converse; the brand I probably least expected to jump on the wedge trainer trend.
I’m not sure how I feel about this, I’m not against the trend in general, I do indeed own a pair of wedge trainers, but Converse? A brand I associate as a classic, who’s idea of following trends is to release some cool patterns and new season colours…I’m not sure I’m ok with this.Β 
They aren’t offensive to look at, far from it, I just think my traditionalist instinct kicks in a bit here and says no. I guess they will be a marmite shoe, one that tears shoe lovers apart- what are your thoughts on this new venture from Converse? Maybe I’ll come around to the idea, maybe I’ll eventually end up owning a pair, but I doubt it. For me, my Converse-d feet need to stay flat on the ground and my next purchase will probably be something girly and pastel as a nod to Summer.
Should you wish to purchase them (and I won’t hold it against you) they are available here at Sarenza ((and this post is in no way criticising Sarenza, I was just scouring the new arrivals and saw these!))
I’d be really interested in hearing how you feel.

11 comments for “Sarenza Sunday: A Step too Far?

  1. I quite like these! The heel isn’t too big.

  2. I am totally indifferent to them. I never wear trainers or anything like that. Flat ballet pumps, boots or heels are the only things I own!

    Corinne x

  3. I’m not quite sure what a wedge trainer is, but I already do wear white Converse Jack Purcell sneakers which Sarenza carries (they had two left). I only saw the The Converse”Wedge Trainer” in black and red on their site, however there were 208 styles of Converse to choose from altogether. I thought the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Floral Print Hi W looked pretty and comfortable though they don’t have it in my size. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hawaiian Print Hi W (another floral print) also looked nice.

    But it’s more than just looks that matter. It helps to keep one’s feet in working order, so how they fit and feel to you is important. I don’t know exactly how I’d feel wearing my sneakers with an ultra-feminine outfit. If I wasn’t so lazy and chicken I’d get off my arse and try wearing the outfit from my last post at down Fifth Avenue today. That Green Eyelash Ruffle Top would be perfect – but I’m a reclusive chicken.

    Have a wonderfully Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!!

  4. I duns like these but I am buying a pair of platform Converse..!

  5. They don’t look too bad to be honest though for some reason Converse and my feet tend to disagree with each other (I swear my feet are the deformed spawn of satan, none of the pretty shoes will work for me *tiny violin*).
    Now I’m off to browse Sarenza and dream of winning the lottery πŸ˜‰

  6. I don’t think I’m digging it but I do love Converse in general, especially my knee highs!


  7. Hello lovely, hope you’re keeping well πŸ™‚ I still haven’t even tried a pair of these wedge trainers on!! But I feel the same about this, Converse in my opinion are for laid-back, classic Summer time styles (and always flat!!). I too am thinking of venturing into a pastel girly pair for Summer πŸ™‚ xx

  8. These are different, but so cute.

  9. Nup. Yuck.
    Classic connies are the only way to go. Sneaker wedges are gross as anyway. Sort of disappointed in Converse right now, I had no idea they released these. Sigghhh….

  10. I’m not a fan of wedged trainers (I know right?! I’m the queen of garish shoes and I’m judging converse! haha)

  11. I saw these on Sarah at the weekend and I think they look SO much nicer in real life. A little different yes – but not as hideous as some might think! xxx