sarenza sunday- garden of eden

Hopefully the sun is shining for you as promised this weekend but even if it isn’t you can get a taste of Summer with these gorgeous Eflora by Eden, £48 wedges. I can’t decide which pair I prefer- the Orange or the Rose, both have the virtues and would look fantastic for day or night.
Which pair takes your fancy most? At the moment I’m leaning towards girly pink but my mind could change any second.

12 comments for “sarenza sunday- garden of eden

  1. I was drawn to the pink pair first but I think the orange would be more versatile. BTW I love your bunny outfit post down below, it’s such a cute outfit on you and seems to really suit your personality (even though I know you normally wear a lot of dresses haha!)

  2. Yes! I’d definitely go for pink

  3. I want both of them! Floral anything is beautiful.

  4. The pink….they are little stunners x

  5. Actually looking at them again I actually prefer the black because I love the peach colouring on the black ones they really stand out!

    I think both are stunning though!

    Its weird for me to prefer the black ones over the pink as I love pink ! 🙂

  6. Nice shoes! I just wish I could walk in heels like that!

  7. They’re both super pretty but I think the second pair are my faves because I love a bit of pink! xxx

  8. I am going to have to go against the grain as usual, I love the first ones best!

  9. Love the pink! I have a similar pair 🙂
    Charlotte Adele

  10. At first i chose pink, but the more i looked, the more i like the first pair. i could just see them with a little black dress. In the office, everyone would just ogle the shoes every time that i stood up! Love, love, love ’em!

  11. The orange does it for me! x