Sarenza Sunday: hot stuff

Spring is (almost) in the air and new season stock is arriving thick and fast at Sarenza. The second I logged on the Barkin by Pepe Jeans, £99 caught my eye- how could it not in those near neon brights? I am in love with both the pink and yellow shades and don’t think they should be reserved for the warmer days…If I owned these beauties I’d be experimenting with dresses and fun tights or cutesy socks peeping out under jeans, £99 suddenly seems like a bargain when you think of the versatility of such a shoe, it’s easy to be put off by a bright colour but often I find more combinations with colour than I do with black, and I think that’s reason enough to be seriously considering splashing out on one colour or another when they are in stock in my size.

What’s caught your eye out of Sarenza’s latest offerings? If you haven’t looked before you are in for a treat, I promise.


16 comments for “Sarenza Sunday: hot stuff

  1. These shoes are gorgeous, I love the neon yellow/green colour! Oh I can’t wait for spring! xx

  2. oof, lovely shades! xx

  3. Very fresh and spring like. I can’t wait to wear open toed sandals again, come on sunshine and warm weather, hurry up! I have been looking on Sarenza a lot lately. They have some beautiful shoes, it is just a shame I am on a shopping ban. I will just need to make a wishlist for now and then maybe treat myself to a couple of pairs in March 🙂 something to look forward to 🙂

    Janine xx
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  4. Wow, I loved the idea of pairing theses beauties with tights or cutesy socks under jeans! I can see how much life they could bring to a winter outfit. Lovely!


  5. I’m not much an open-toed shoe person myself, but you weren’t kidding about the new-in at Sarenza! So much want!


  6. I loooove neon shoes but I’m not an open-toe person either! I don’t have pretty enough feet. SIGH.

    The Style Rawr!

  7. Wow I love the neon pink!

    Brownie x
    Soul Sparkler

  8. Really hope the weather is warm enough this year to wear them! Gorgeous! xx

  9. I adore these shoes, the colours are amazing!

    Maria xxx

  10. I’m craving colour and bright Spring shades (in the absence of the real thing). These sandals are a hopeful sign of warmer days!

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  12. I love that shade of pink! xxx

  13. Hello you! Long time no speak! How are things dear? xx