Sarenza Sunday (on a Saturday)

Meet the ideal Summer flat shoe- cute and bright enough to wear every day, but being made from plastic (a sophisticated jelly shoe perhaps) you won’t ruin them if we get a typical sudden Summer downpour.
The shoe goes by the name Joleey and costs £50 from Ted Baker at Sarenza. I love both the green and the pink versions but oddly for me I think I’m more drawn to the green pair (people who know me sit down now!). I’m loving Ted Baker things at the moment- there are some seriously covetable dresses out there and I treated myself to a purse with my birthday money…
I usually do this post on a Sunday but I have a couple of other posts I want to get up before my week long blogging break which will run Tuesday-Tuesday whilst my parents away and I have my boyfriend here. Thank you for the suggestions of what you’d like to see on the blog when I come back…keep them coming and have a wonderful, sunny weekend!

17 comments for “Sarenza Sunday (on a Saturday)

  1. I love these, such pretty colours!

  2. This are so cute, I love the pink especially! xxx

  3. Whoa love them, I too prefer the green pair over the pink, but regardless they’re both fun colours for the spring/summer! x

  4. exactly! I need shoes that don’t get ruined by rain, but are still cute! It’s like no one designs shoes for us to actually wear ¬_¬ Hope you’re having a good weekend! x

  5. Not a fan of jelly shoes but the pink ones are cute x

  6. oo these shoes are gorgeous!!
    UK High Street Fashion

  7. They’re both really pretty!
    Hope you have a fun blogging break x

  8. omg,they are so cute!! 😉

  9. omg,they are so cute!! 😉

  10. omg,they are so cute!! 😉

  11. The pink ones for me Im such a girl!!!

  12. I am completely obsessed with this style of shoes at the moment. Partially because it reminds me of my childhood wearing jelly shoes often and also because I think it’s the smartest idea ever. I am always lost at what to wear when it rains.

  13. I love these shoes – they remind me of the Vivienne Westwood x Melissa ones 🙂 Ted Baker really do have some gorgeous designs xx

  14. Love the colours of these shoes. I have a pair of plastic ballet pumps by Melissa and wear them constantly, they never seem to wear out.

  15. I love Ted Baker shoes at the moment! I’ve been eyeing these up at work for a while now, so comfortable and perfect for the inevitable showers of the British summer!

  16. I’ve seen these and they look really fun and summery! I prefer the green pair but with the nude bow on the pink pair! X