Sarenza Sunday- Super Supra

Since injuring my foot last October I’ve been forced to embrace sporty shoes as they are more supportive and generally more comfortable than other types of flat (and I’m still sulking that after the steroid injection I’ve had no relief and I’m still not back in heels!)
Thank goodness for Sarenza and their wide variety of casual yet stylish footwear- from the ever popular Converse and Vans to the more up and coming brands like Supra. I’m currently coveting these new in Skytop w high tops in the cheery Acid Yellow/Light Grey combo. Priced at £68 these are middle of the road of the sports shoe price range, I’m seriously considering these. Supportive, stylish and versatile; jeans, dresses…the only place I couldn’t/wouldn’t wear them is work!
I’ve heard Supra  is becoming a BIG deal right now although until recently I didn’t know they existed! Were they on your radar? Will you be sporting (haa) a pair any time soon?
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5 comments for “Sarenza Sunday- Super Supra

  1. If ever there was an excuse to buy yourself a new pair of shoes it’s your poor foot! Do ittt! xxx

  2. Sorry to hear about your foot injury! These shoes are fab though, wish I could pull them off! xx

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  4. They are so cool. I saw someone on the way to work with similar coloured shoes to that today and instantly I thought wow what a fabulous colour. It makes such a statement.

  5. I’ve wanted some Supras for yeaaaaars but just never have spare cash to treat myself to anything like trainers these days. These ones are awesome, definately eye catching!!