Sarenza Sunday- the bag edition.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love shoes, it’s just that right now Sarenza just have too many gorgeous pairs to choose from and trying to pick something for this week’s post was making my head hurt! For that reason I’m taking a little shoe break and showing off something else that Sarenza carries that makes me want to bankrupt myself…
And more specifically I am head over heels with THIS bag.

This little gem by Love Moschino is aptly named “charming” and costs £124.
See what I mean about Sarenza trying to bankrupt me?
if you had to choose ladies…
I think you know my answer

6 comments for “Sarenza Sunday- the bag edition.

  1. haha I’m definitely a bag kinda gal as well! This one looks lush! xx

  2. That bag is stunning x

  3. SJP

    Holy guacamole, that bag is CUTE. I’m more of a bag girl myself – they cause me less pain than shoes!

  4. Wow, this is amazing, so cute and different.

    Shoes always 😉

    Sophie xo