Scented Saturday

The other day whilst stalking catching up on Twitter gossip I noticed Laura Ashley mention their new fragrances,
as a brand I grew up knowing and associating with gorgeous homewear and covetable clothes, I was curious about how well they could do with a scent.
A few tweets back and forwards about this and they kindly offered to send me one of the perfumes so I could see for myself…
the next day a bottle of “Green Meadow” was on my doorstep, just in time for me to road test it for work.

The packaging is lovely, which wasn’t such a surprise given the brand’s fame for florals and prints! The bottle looks elegant with an air of vintage style around it, perfect for any dressing table.

As mentioned, I wore this in to work. I work in an office full of scent obsessed women, where we are forever sniffing each other and comparing latest fragrances.
As soon as I walked in I was greeted with “oh, you smell nice…who’s that by?”

Laura Ashley wasn’t the response they expected, and to be perfectly honest I didn’t expect to love this quite as much as I do! The scent isn’t as floral or sweet as I usually wear,
but it also doesn’t have the heavy scent  I reserve for evenings. I’m not really sure how to describe it, other than the name “green meadow” suits it to a tee.

Have you tried any of the other scents yet? I’m keen to try the others, too, when they launch on October 3rd. At £36 for 50ml this isn’t your bog-standard off the shelf in Superdrug perfume but it also isn’t in the realm of “in my dreams” … plus you can get a gift set of all three for £48.

Get writing those Christmas lists early girls!

Available online and in store from October 3rd.


12 comments for “Scented Saturday

  1. Anonymous

    Wonderful … now how are you awake so early on a Saturday? Btw, love your posts – look forward to you discovering the divine ex-highstreet. Believe me, you will! Hop all is well with you x

  2. I will have to see if I can try this out in the shops !

  3. i’ll totally be popping into laura ashley to have a sniff of this soon!

  4. I will look out for these in store, that’s really good that you get the 3 for £48! x

  5. Wow you are really good at getting people to send you things! It sounds lovely!

  6. i’m amazed they do scents now, this sounds really good! xx

  7. I always love the perfumes that turn out to be a complete surprise, some are far too predictable and ‘samey’. This one sounds like a winner, and Laura Ashley definitely warrants such a lovely scent xxx

  8. ooo that sounds really good!

  9. omg, i thought i was the only one writing my xmas list ridiculously early! love the perfume, i have oh lola by marc jacobs on my list 😉

    Vintage Stop at

  10. Interesting! When I saw that the fragrance was from Laura Ashley I immediately imagined it to be a bit old lady like but I really like the look of the bottle! Will definitely have to check out the scent too!

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