The "In My Dreams" Shoes

Because sometimes lusting after things way out of budget is a pretty damn good thing.

Saw these in store at Harvey Nichols yesterday and fell utterly in love. What a shame that glittery shoes can’t really be justified as an everyday essential.

What’s your current “in my dreams” wish?

Happy (sunny) Sunday! I hope everyone is making the most of the sunshine. I know I did.


26 comments for “The "In My Dreams" Shoes

  1. These shoes would be perfect for wearing with a Christmas party dress. I am lusting after a Vivienne Westwood dress.

  2. lovely shoes!
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  3. They are beautiful! & you can totally wear sparkly shoes every day! Sometimes I do for work – makes it much more enjoyable, do get some funny looks in the staff room though!


  4. I love those shoes!!
    that is all.


  5. wow these are great 🙂

  6. Those shoes are fantastic !! I think ill put these on my ‘in my dreams’ list !

  7. They’re amazing shoes – so Christmassy! I’m lusting after a designer handbag at the mo – a louis vuitton speedy actually, but there’s so many fakes around! x x x

  8. I am not usually a fan of heels, but these are so amazing I would make the exception x

  9. oh wow, i see why these are your dream shoes. they are gorgeous. almost too nice to wear!

  10. They are gorgeous! I saw some sparkly silver glitter shoes in Dorothy Perkins yesterday which would be my perfect party season shoes! x

  11. I love them! Sparkles are my favorite!

  12. these are gorgeous…i love glitzy shoes atm – republic do some great, cheaper alternatives! x

  13. Definitely could see these as an every day essential! Glittery shoes should be compulsory around the work room! 🙂 <3

  14. Wow, they’re gorgeous. I have some glittery flats but no glittery heels alas. I think they would brighten up any outfit

    Bhav x

  15. Those shoes are beautiful! Alas my dream shoes I mentioned on twitter sold out before I bought them, but it was probably for the best!

    I am currently lusting after the wedding dress i tried on last week but that is way out of my budget! x

  17. Great shoes but far to expensive! Glitter shoes rule!

    X x

  18. Perfect Christmas party shoes! 🙂 xx

  19. Yum! I’m sure you could wear these everyday (maybe) and then somehow justify them on pay-per-wear?? Well, one day. My lust list is far too long to bear thinking about. The Laura Ashley perfume looks yummy too btw. x

  20. So pretty and glittery! My glittery Primark brogues have been practically glued to my feet recently!
    I’m still after a Mulberyy Alexa or an Alexander Wang Kirsten. A girl can dream!

  21. Could you DIY? Gok did glitter heels last week, and someone definitely did a how to on how to glitter your shoes on a blog somewhere. They are rather awesome though.

  22. Wow. Just wow. They are amazing.

  23. Ohhhhh man they’re a bit special.

  24. Shiny glittery amazing shoes!!!

  25. These shoes are an absolute dream. They are on my fantasy wishlist too, I will admit!