scruffy in pink

You know, even with the wide variety of beautiful women’s clothing out there I still cannot resist the lure of jeans and a jumper especially when the weekend rolls around. With the weather being so vile on Saturday I could think of nothing that fitted the bill better than my faithful Oasis jeans (considering never buying them anywhere else!) and this old New Look jumper. The Docs were a BIG mistake, the sound effects from my foot as I battled to get them on were enough to render me nauseous and dizzy, and the pain…well, yeah. Lesson learnt. They have been banished for a few more weeks yet.

How cute is my little necklace from Wolf and Moon? I’ve been eyeing them up for a while and finally decided to treat myself as a little reward. I can’t get over how sparkly it is and it got so many compliments when I wore it to work.

I did feel a bit of a scruff wearing this outfit, but at the same time it was warm and comforting. Comfort wins over style most days for me, and weekends have to be more comfortable than most!

Does your style vary at the weekends?
Where is your staple for jeans?

18 comments for “scruffy in pink

  1. I think that outfit is really cute and cosy, you still look chic even in casuals xxx

  2. deffo the cutest necklace I’ve seen in a while, also the pink DMs are amazing! xx

  3. You don’t look scruffy at all, you look fabulous! Your pink DM’s are beautiful too! Such a cute necklace too 🙂 xx

  4. can’t beat jeans and a jumper to stay snug x

  5. That does look like a mega cosy outfit. I really want some DMs but I’m worried my feet are took big for them. Yours look great though xx

  6. looks perfect for winter! Love the DMs id love a pair! don’t think i could pull them off though!! xxx

  7. Still on the crutches eh? poor you…. 🙁
    Is it hard for you to cope without walking etc? Cos as you know, getting this moped means i am trying to nix the old exercise compulsion. but its hard cos me without walking = me with more anxiety!
    Its reassuring to know that there are other people who are unable to walk/exercise etc… but how are you coping with it? does it stress you out at all?
    hugs xx

  8. You can’t beat a pair of jeans and a snuggly jumper.

    X x

  9. I agree comfort takes priority over everything! If I could I would live in jumper and jeans forever in winter. However fashion magazines have to force me out of that cocoon. and yes your necklace is adorable!

    Gemma x

  10. That necklace is lovely! I adore my jeans at the weekends, jumpers and boots as well, this time of year they’re perfect. You look fab, love the jumper.

  11. I love the jumper so very festive! xx

  12. I think you look really cute. Love your necklace!

  13. I love that jumper and oh I so wish I had that necklace its stunning! x

  14. I agree with everyone, this is the cutest necklace ever.

  15. The bunny necklace is just adorable! I’d never heard of that store before but now I’m finding myself lusting after all their geometric necklaces! Plus they have a wolf brooch that looks like my Nico, I can’t say no to that! 😉
    PS: The Docs really suit you, so persevere with them! Once you’ve broken them in they are the comfiest things ever!

  16. Love this outfit! The jumper is really sweet. Sorry your foot is still being naughty 🙁

  17. It’s always been my dream to own pink Dr Martens! The little bunny necklace is so cute xxx

  18. Mat

    once they’re on i hope you kept them on!