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It’s January, we’re all skint (unless you’ve just had pay day, in which case you are probably still skint just slightly less so) and in need of funds fast.
If you are anything like me, you have a huge pile of stuff that you really should get round to selling but really can’t be doing with the hassle.

Well folks, today I bring you a new way to sell your stuff with music magpie. I’ve been aware of this site for quite some time as a way of getting rid of old CDs, but more recently they have updated themselves and you can now sell all manner of things such as electronics, technology and most importantly for us girls (and fashionable boys) CLOTHES.

I haven’t tried it yet but with my “stuff mountain” starting to wobble I will be soon. It looks super simple, you enter what you have and get a valuation price. If you accept that price (it won’t be mega loads but every little helps right?) music magpie offers a free send service, or courier for larger items meaning there are no fees/postage to contend with. Payment is by bank transfer, cheque, e-vouchers or charity donation and there is a handy app for both i Tunes and android users as well as one on facebook.

I’d be really interested in hearing your opinions on this. Have you used music magpie before, or something similar? Is it as simple as it seems?
If you haven’t used it, what are your thoughts on getting rid of spare stuff in this way? Easier than other well known options or does it sound too good to be true? Don’t hold back, the comments box is yours for the taking and I am genuinely interested.

I’ll hopefully get round to sorting my things soon, so I shall report back on my experience.


*Sponsored post but I really am planning to use music magpie so it was just good luck that this post happened*

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  1. I used my iPhone to scan some DVDs a while ago, I didn’t go through with it but it was really easy. Not sure how the clothes bit would work but if you’ve got a lot of stuff to get to of it seems like a good wayto do it. I might very well be looking into this again…

  2. My sister recently used this to get rid of loads of CDs. They weren’t much, about 37p each maybe? And it wouldn’t accept some such as Lost prophets, possibly because their lead singer is in court at the moment? I don’t know. She also sold some DVDs, again not more than 45p each usually, although music concert DVDs were sometimes £2!
    A courrier came to our house on an agreed day and took 2 boxes of them.
    As you said, it’s not a lot of money, but for something she wanted to just get rid of it was pretty easy and she ended up with £50 for 2 boxes full, which is better than what she’d have for just giving them away to a charity shop or something.

  3. I wonder if it works in the US? I have to start selling a lot of things….


  4. No way, I didn’t know they did clothes. I have SO much to get rid of but really can’t be bothered eBaying. I’m going to have a crack at this.

  5. That’s interesting, I recently went on their website to get a valuation for a Nintendo DS Lite but it was ridiculous – there’s undervaluing something then there’s just plain ripping you off! Maybe not the best place for electronics but I suppose if you want to shift lots of old CDs that aren’t really worth much, might as well get something rather than nothing for them x

  6. Seems interesting reading all these responses. I guess with things like this, you always run the risk of not really getting very much back in return. Though sometimes getting £20 back for a box of stuff is better than letting it gather dust!

  7. It sounds pretty good, I will check it out!

  8. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with It! I need to check it out xx

  9. It sounds good

  10. Well in all honesty we tried selling some DVD’s and CD’s and they never sent the packet’s twice. Plus the rates on it are usually incredibly bad!! You would get more at a car boot or in cash gen. I cant say much about their clothes prices though as I only recently saw the ad for that.

    Daisy Dayz
    In Pursuit of an Online Income

  11. Mat

    i remember using them quite a few years ago now while i was at uni to get rid of a load of CDs, it sort of worked though i didn’t make much at all. nice idea that they do other stuff now.

    thanks for the comment you left about Hollie’s loss.

  12. I used Zapper, which is the same kind of thing, last year. I think it’s supposed to be a bit less picky than Music Magpie? There’s a lot of info about the two sites and other similar ones on Money Saving Expert.
    I got £12 just for a bunch of embarrassing 90s CDs if I remember rightly!