rose tinted

Dress: Next
Tights: Gift from Char
I featured these shoes on one of my many Sarenza wish lists a few months ago and when their sale launched I decided I HAD to own them, despite at the time not knowing when on earth I’d get to wear them. As it happens the timing was perfect as shortly after they arrived my foot was well enough to start strutting around in heels and once it’s a bit stronger and I know exactly what is going on I’ll be living in these! I loved them paired with these flower pattern tights which were a gift from Char and my old faithful Next “work” dress.
A few people have asked about my foot lately; basically nobody is exactly sure what is going on but the consultants I saw think I have something called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (or CRPS) which is a neurological condition. I have to say the hospital were fairly useless but my wonderful GP has started me on a medication called pregabalin which has worked wonders at getting me mobile again by blocking the pain signals. I still have some pain which the medication hasn’t touched. I went for an ultrasound yesterday (yep, a Sunday) which showed my tendons are intact but there is some query about a smaller muscle/tendon injury that won’t show on anything but an MRI so that has been suggested as a next step. I’m almost past caring now I can walk, what will be will be and nothing is going to stop me now.

I think we should all take a moment to celebrate the last week in January; the most depressing month is almost over and although there have been some blue moments, on the whole 2013 has got off to a cracking start and I feel hopeful and excited for what the rest of the year holds.

How has the year started for you?
Tell me about your current favourite shoes…these Bertie beauts are mine of course!

24 comments for “rose tinted

  1. That colour really suits you and I’m pleased your foot is now (sort of) on the mend : ) x

  2. Your dress is lovely! I’m dying for the weather to get better so I can pop on pumps or flip flops!! xx

  3. Really like this outfit on you Laura, you look lovely! Ah your foot must be really annoying, atleast the painkillers are helping and your walking on it now though! I’m so glad January is nearly over, been such a rubbish month for me! xx

  4. I love those shoes! Fingers crossed you’ll be able to wear them as much as you’d like soon. xxx

  5. Love this outfit, glad to hear your foot is getting better to. January has been a pretty rough month for me but I’m ending it on a high so hopefully the rest of the year will be much better xoxo

  6. Aw I just adore this outfit on you! The dress is such a cheerful colour and the tights are just so pretty. Such lovely shoes πŸ™‚ x

  7. I love this outfit! The tights are so beautiful, and I lurve the shoes.

    I hope your silly foot gets its act together really soon so that you can run around and skip in any shoes you fancy xx

  8. Vix

    What a fab outfit, the dress is so gorgeously bright and cheery – rather like your happy outlook on life! x

  9. Still loving your cheery attitude petal! xx

  10. yay glad you can walk at least now πŸ™‚ love this bright dress, and yes I cannot wait for January to be over..x

  11. Ella

    I absolutely adore those shoes and tights!! You look lush in the dress <3 and the dress is lucky to have you to wear it :)

  12. My current favourite shoes are – queue granny moment – are my slippers. Boots, furry, with pom poms. What’s not to love?

    2013 started feeling positive, like I was on the brink of big change. but has descended into chaos and confusion. Still, there is light at the end of the tunnel, so it might work out alright in the end…

    Love this dress on you x

  13. You look INCREDIBLE, I adore all the parts of this outfit!

    Maria xxx

  14. wow! nice outfit you got there πŸ˜€ very very pretty πŸ˜€ love it!

  15. I love the colour of your dress. The flowers on your tights are lovely too. I hope any smaller muscle/tendon injury heals well – step carefully in this winter weather just to be safe. I’m glad some of your pain has been helped and that you can get about. Have a wonderful week.

  16. I love those tights πŸ™‚

  17. Love those tights! I took pregabalin for a while as a mood stabilizer… Powerful stuff! xx

  18. You’re so adorable and those tights are too!!

  19. Oooooooo love the colour of this dress hen doll. You look great!

  20. I love the colour and shape of this dress! I hope they’ll get to the bottom of this foot trouble, gone on for long enough now! Poor you xxx

  21. Gorgeous much? Love those tights! xxx

  22. Duuuuuuude, this colour looks amazing on you! I’d love to see your shoe wardrobe…

    My fave are my biker boots, soon to be cowboy boots!? If the rain stops. Bring on Summer!

    The Style Rawr!

  23. this could quite possibly be my most fav outfit of yours…ever! this dress is so perfect on you! and with the tights and amazing shoes, well.. you look gorgeous! I’m really noticing your style develop in to a very chic look lately and im totally diggin in!xxxx

  24. wow that dress is stunning on you and I love the tights x