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Nothing quite like a bit of retail therapy on a Sunday to round off the weekend. I love the print on this Matalan shift dress and as ever, it was a total bargain…£12.80 with a gratefully received 20% off voucher; £16 without. My quest for basics was somewhat fulfilled by popping in to Peacocks on the off chance. At £5 each these tees are my dream material with the perfect amount of slouch. One day I WILL invest in high quality, more expensive basics, but for now these fit the bill perfectly and I’ll be going back for more colours.

The gorgeous underwear came to be via Lingerie Please for review. It was quite possibly the most impressive service ever. I replied to the e-mail fairly late on Friday and the parcel was with me Saturday morning! This leaves high hopes for future orders from the site!
I asked for something to suit the er…more flat chested among us, as in general I find bra shopping a nightmare, often resorting to the teen selections; which are fine, but not exactly the most alluring. I was sent the Panache Evanna set which promised to boost my bra size…and boost it did. Not in an “omg, where did THOSE come from?” kind of way, but enough to make tops fit better and give a subtle cleavage. I’ve dismissed water filled bras in the past, I assumed it’d look fake or be heavy/uncomfortable to wear…but I’m now a convert…the confidence boost alone makes the price tag worth it (and I’m not one to be hung up on chest size, it’s just nice to be able to wear lower cut tops without massive gaping!)
Have you used Lingerie Please before? Or indeed water/gel bras?
Top tips for flat chested girls?
What have you purchased lately?

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  1. Love the lingerie, such a pretty colour. I’ve never heard of lingerie please, will have to swing by their website. I just bought a hat, dress and basic white tee from work today.

  2. great bargains there!


  3. i love the print on the dress 🙂

  4. Ooo lovely lavender lingerie!

  5. Great buys; I love the dress and the lingerie looks so pretty.
    Your outfit looks gorgeous as well.

    My last buy was a bag from Swedish designer Gudrun Sjödén and I love it indeed <3.

    I wish you a great and happy week!

  6. oh lovely new dress.
    i bought a new basic top from h&m at the weekend, just a tshirt with buttons down the front, so that’s my new thing. I have SO much on my wishlist, but sadly can’t afford anything 🙁

  7. Pretty lingerie, I’m going through the issue of finding nice bras at the moment.

    Love the dress I have a new found love for matalan 🙂

  8. Oooh lovely underwear, I’m in need of some underwear shopping but I hate the whole sizing fandango so I’m putting it off…
    I love Matalan! That dress is really pretty 🙂


  9. Love the print on that dress I cant wait to see it on you.

  10. I love that dress, such a gorgeous print! Haven’t been to Matalan for a while, may have to pay it a visit! x

  11. I have often promised myself better quality basics but am always swayed by cheaper alternatives. Some last ages, whilst others hit the bin after only a few wears. I do like a good amount of slouch… I may well be tempted to visit my local peacocks!
    I have been relatively good on the shopping front recently but I have just made my first Stolen Thunder order and ordered some pony skin, leopard print ballet pumps from Stylist Pick… can wait for them to arrive!

  12. I love the dress!! The print is so beautiful.

  13. hey honey! I liked it very much post! will now be much here!
    I invite you to walk through the mine and to follow me if you like!
    kisses, Claire.

  14. What beautiful flowers on the Matalan shift dress. The tees contrast nicely with the pretty lavender undies from Lingerie Please – love that colour. No I’ve never used Lingerie Please or water/gel bras, but perhaps I should. By coincidence my most recent purchases were lavender briefs from J C Penney, and a tiered ruffled “Here Comes The Bride” pink babydoll nightie from Maidenform along with some pairs of their Tricot Full Briefs.

  15. I like the new pieces! Really pretty and feminine. Cute!

    I don’t have a flat chest now, because I’m just getting over breastfeeding my son, but I was pretty small before I had him.

    Honestly, I most often embraced it, and took advantage of the fact that I could wear some tank tops and tees without needing a bra. I kind of like the gaping/low cut thing… If I was going on a date or something, I always wore a Victorias Secret push up bra and a low cut top/dress. I think they’re fab, and also so comfy! There is one now that claims to increase you by TWO CUP SIZES! I’ve seen it (and it’s so padded!) but I haven’t tried it on yet…

    I’ve never used the water/gel bras, though!

  16. I love that underwear set – the colour is so very pretty!!

  17. I’m glad you mentioned Matalan – for some reason it seems to be a store that often gets overlooked by bloggers, when there’s actually quite a few fashion gems to be found there!

    Love the undies too – Panache is my favourite brand of lingerie: a bit more expensive than your average, but gives the best fit I find 🙂 x x x

  18. Love that bra – the colours really nice x

  19. being flat chested myself, I have sadly had enough of trying to make myself feel more feminine. I used to wear gel bras but they never fitted too well. I just buy high necked tops and just get on with it.
    Glad you’ve found a great bra x

  20. Pretty dress and undies

  21. Ooh that dress is lovely. I’m v jealous!

    Can’t give you any advice as I’m the opposite and wish I had much smaller boobs!

  22. I soooo want to go on a shopping spree haha, this all looks so lovely. Loving the underwear set too!

  23. Pretty print and pretty undies! Lucky you. x

  24. Amy

    I love that dress!!

  25. J.

    I simply love the pattern on that dress too!

  26. Love that first dress and your underwear is amazing, so beautiful, lucky you!

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  27. I sooo like your hair ! 🙂
    Hmm… what did I purchase lately… Oh a really nice longer shirt that goes great with tights 🙂