Shoes as Sweet as Candy

Sorry for the overload of blog posts lately. There aren’t going to be any outfit posts for a while thanks to a  dodgy back (and a Friday night in A&E) and I just keep finding content I want to share.
The second I saw these shoes on the Selfridges website I couldn’t wait to blog about them.
Charlotte Olympia may be most coveted for her infamous kitty flats but I think these surpass those- for me at least.

The Heels will set you back £695 whilst the Flats are a bit cheaper at £425.
Liquorice Allsorts are my favourite sweets and I am wondering if I can DIY a pair for the cost of some plain black ballet pumps and a bag or two of the sweet stuff.
What are you thoughts?
I’ll forever be a cat lady, but for me these would win hands down if I had to choose between the two. How about you?

10 comments for “Shoes as Sweet as Candy

  1. AVY

    They’re very cute, I’d wear them in a second.


  2. ah… Charlotte Olympia has the cutest shoes ever 🙂 love these!

  3. My Mum has now put the flats on her Christmas List but at that price I think she is sadly going to be v disappointed! They are SO cool though. Great find!

    Sarah xx

  4. Wow these are fantastic. I wonder how comfortable they would be to walk in.

  5. Who could say no to Liquorice Allsorts

  6. The flats are awesome! I love her cat ones too though but they’re too high! X

  7. Argh, these are just too damn cute! I feel we should add them to our uniform at work 😉

    Katie & Kay xoxo

  8. Oh these are lovely, I love liquorice allsorts!

  9. wow they are pretty amazing x

  10. holy shit, I need these. I love liquorice allsorts so bad. Oik, so maybe a DIY at hundreds of pounds, but still NEEEEED.