Shoes (for my USA folk)

So, posts about shoes are frequent on my blog (there’s another one scheduled for later) but most of the shoes I share are only available to my UK and EU readers. In the spirit of the holidays, and of good shoes…I’ve taken a look at the Macy’s website and selected my favourites from their  chic comfortable shoes, to see if I can tempt folks from overseas, too (you’ll either love me or hate me for doing this!)…or maybe even a lucky blog reader who is venturing to New York over Christmas might be tempted to pick up a treat or two…but please, I do not accept invoices for excess luggage charges!

1. Wedge ankle boots…because everyone needs a practical wedge in their shoe wardrobe, the neutral colour of these means they’ll be great with jeans (any one else hate black shoes with denim) or knitted dresses/skirts.

2. These buckle boots…purely because I love how they look, if I owned these I’d be wearing them with floral dresses for sure.

3. Red velvet. The ultimate festive footwear…seriously…it’s like a santa suit for your feet.

4. Nine West…Pink + Glitter = I say no more. Oh, actually I do say more…Nine West we can get over here, right? I am so hoping these are available. IN LOVE.

5. Jessica Simpson…I’m not a fan of hers, but damn she makes good shoes…mostly. These appeal a lot, and I don’t even know why as it’s not the kind of thing I naturally veer towards…they look quite “clean cut” though and oddly like they’d be quite comfortable.

So, USA folk…what am I missing out on? Any one else want me to scour some sites for shoes local to you? Do you think this is the kind of post I could, or should do on a regular basis? If so, any suggestions for what you would like to see?


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  1. Mat

    meh uk people can comment too yeah? the first ones are like some i have but in a boys version