THE shoe.

Every girl has that one special pair of shoes that haunts their dreams, right? That pair that you just can’t shake from your mind and can only ever dream of owning.

Meet my shoe. At £470 I really can only ever dream of owning this beauty (not to mention walk in it) but that won’t stop me hoping!

Available from Crisian and McCaffrey and Harvey Nichols.

What does your SHOE look like?


14 comments for “THE shoe.

  1. It is beautiful Laura.
    My shoe has a red sole, hidden platform and a 5.5inch heel… namely the Miss Clichy by Louboutin *sigh*

  2. I love the glitter on these but I don’t like heels this high. Unfortunately most glitter heels are, but I hope to one day run into a lower and “sweeter” pair:)

    Nice find though!

  3. oh, those shoes are gorgeous! I can’t walk in high heels, but I really want a pair of glitter heels!!!


  4. The silhouette is stunning. What a beautiful pair of shoes. Even if I could afford them (perhaps one day) I’d NEVER be able to walk in them.

  5. my dream shoe probably isn’t nearly as fancy, lol! i’d just like a good ole’ oxford with a 2″ heel. but i can’t seem to find one anywhere!

  6. Very dreamy, however at that price they can keep them!

    X x

  7. AMAZING! But WOW to the heel. I’d die wearing them.

  8. Woah. Seriously hot shoes xxx

  9. wow! That’s a pretty shoe! X

  10. Ahrgh, my feet are screaming at the sight of those- too high too high! But they are very very pretty!
    Hmmmm, my ideal shoes would be a pair of ruby slippers of a perfect height- all the ones around are just not quite right! Or the ultimate sheepskin boots that are warm but look really nice! (Granny at heart!)

  11. My shoes is glittery and has a sky-high heel. A lot like yours, huh. The shoe that makes me feel the happiest girl on the earth!

  12. WOW… If only dreams came true, these are beautiful xxx

  13. They are beautiful! x