Shoes, glorious shoes!

And so here we are, the long awaited and much requested show and tell of what I picked with my Sarenza winnings…

1. Dune (a.k.a. glitter heels of WIN!)

2. Jeffrey Campbell, stone…potentially my favourite pair

3. Georgia Rose … sensible option for work days

4. Jeffrey Campbell, cityslick… the colour of these in real life?! AMAZING

5. Irregular Choice, because I am forever obsessed with red shoes

6. I Love Shoes, because every girl needs a pair of black heeled boots (er, excuse the me in the photo!)

Part of this haul was from my competition win, and part from my ambassador voucher…my brother and his girlfriend both chose a pair, and my parents did too. We are one very happy family right now!

And, because I love Sarenza, and they love you, I’m sharing the details of how YOU can win a pair of shoes too! It really couldn’t be simpler (the hardest part will be picking a pair you love most!)

1)      Follow SarenzaUK on Twitter
2)      Choose the shoes you’d love to get from your wish list this Christmas on and hashtag #AllIWantForChristmasIsShoes
3)      E.g @SarenzaUK  #AllIWantForChristmasIsShoes
4)      And that’s it! The winner will be chosen from a prize draw on 14th December so all entries are valid up until then.

Which pair of my new shoes are your favourites?

Which pair will you be tweeting to win, from the massive selection on Sarenza’s website?



34 comments for “Shoes, glorious shoes!

  1. OMG! Those sparkly Dune ones are AMAZING!!!

    🙂 x

  2. Ahhhh amazing prize, love the second ones x

  3. I love the red ones with the bow 🙂 xxx

  4. OH HELLO DUNE SHOES! Wowza, they are sooo sparkly= love.

    I will totally be tweeting to win these bad boys!

    I need them on me.

    Sarenza <3


    P.S Thank you for showing my Christmas set some love!! x

  5. oh my, thats a lot of shoes! How did you even pick though? I cant pick one pair I want to win 🙂

  6. I love glitter shoes at the moment and those ones are gorgeous!

    Claudia xxx

  7. I love the sparkly ones and the red ones x

  8. Ohhh they’re all so pretty!
    I neeeed some sparkly shoes in my life!


  9. I am absolutely loving glitter heels at the moment! Unfortunetly me and heels = bad! Sometimes I wish I didn’t love comfort so much! :/ x

  10. Oh my gosh, I NEED those red shoes!!!!!

  11. I love your shoes! You must have the best collection by now m’dear, or heading that way at least. I am actually rather green with envy. I love LOVE the 2nd pair.
    Big cuddles <3

  12. J.

    Great choices, you are so lucky! My favorites are the Dune ones (I recently got a pair of Dune flats, which was my first ever Dune pair, I absolutely love them!), but these are all so cute!

  13. OMG I was seriously contemplating the Dune shoes for my wedding day! xx

  14. wonderful choices laura, absolutely in love with the chelsea boots and the irregular choice shoes. thank you for letting us know about the competition – most definitely had a go at entering and adopted for these beautiful boots:

    have a good weekend! xx

  15. Oh wow! I am obsessed with those red shoes. They are stunning. I really have a thing for red shoes. I have about five pairs of red shoes. I love the sparkly shoes also.

  16. Wow just wow. Shoe heaven much! xxx

  17. LOVING your Irregular Choice shoes but I need to stay flat until post 22 April then I’ll get my heels out again 🙂

  18. oo, la la! esp. the glizty ones!

  19. Good choices! Love those glitter ones x

  20. Oh the Jeffrey Campbell’s are beaut – lucky girl! x

  21. What a wonderful prize, those glitzy dune shoes are amaaazing! 🙂 x

  22. love glitter shoes!lovely blog u have girl..
    come and follow mine if u like it?I’d be happy..kiss from Milan
    Patchwork à Porter

  23. I love the glitter ones and the red irregular choice ones best. I’m sooo jealous x

  24. thanks for the love, sending some back xox

  25. Those sparkly heels are gorgeous, I love anything and everything glittery!

    Gillian x

  26. Such stunning shoes.

    X x

  27. I have been lusting after those Dune glitter heels for ages now, they are so fab!!!

  28. You my dear have excellent taste in shoes! These are all gorgeous – lucky you!!

  29. Good choices! My faves are the Dune ones!

  30. i want your jeffery campbells

  31. OMG shoe heaven! So jealous of you right now!

    Thanks for letting us know about the competition! I choose a pair of Irregular Choice shoes, I ordered them on eBay not so long ago but their warehouse got flooded so they cancelled the transaction 🙁
    Fingers crossed I’ll get them this time! xx

  32. Amy

    OMG! I don’t think I could choose just one- I love them ALL!!!!

    So jealous!