Shop the sales; Sarenza

And as if by magic, the onslaught of sales, online and instore reach fever pitch. If, like me you quite frankly can’t be arsed to leave the house and face the crowds then you might be spending your Boxing Day recovering from festive feasting and browsing the best of the online bargains…
I’m planning to do a few sales spotlights, but my first just HAS to go to my favourite site for shoes ever…Sarenza

1. Jeffrey Campbell Areas £65.70. It’s no secret that I adore JC shoes, and this orange pair are divine. I have something very similar and got so many compliments on the colour when I wore them.

2. I picked a pair of these as part of my prize for the blogger competition; Stone by Jeffrey Campbell, £86.80 might look high, but these are so comfortable and the two tone colour scheme means they go with everything. If your going to invest in one pair of shoes from Sarenza, I would suggest these!

3. Party season might be ending, but that’s no excuse not to snap up these sexy Dune Held shoes…still expensive at £76.00 but a worthy investment. I own some Dune glittery heels and managed to dance the night away and come home without crippled toes!

I’ve limited myself to three top picks, because I could be here all day. If you fancy taking a break from forced family small talk and mince pies, take a look at Sarenza and let me know what you’ll be snapping up!


12 comments for “Shop the sales; Sarenza

  1. Yup, no way I’m leaving the sofa! Trying to avoid the online sales too… Now you’re all tempting me. Must be strong. Hope you had a great day yesterday. X

  2. Merry Christmas Laura! I hope yours was lovely! I’ve had a little look at some things but not committing to any sale shopping at the moment!

  3. Ooh, I need those shoes. All of them. Gorg! 🙂

  4. I still have yet to buy anything from Sarenza but those two-tone boots are gorgeous. I may have to put the website into my favourites bar for a possible graduation present at the end of university. Thanks Laura! xxx

  5. Hey hun! What a great idea it is to show off sales going on! Loving the shoes…but don’t think I can be arsed to actually leave the comfort of my onesy and face over angry or frustrated sales shoppers. They’re the scariest! Merry Christmas =D

    Dinx @ Lovely in Random xoxo

  6. I love the first one 🙂

    Hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas! 🙂 xx

  7. Oh I seriously love those leopard skin ones. Gorgeous xx

  8. If I wasn’t such a grandma about shopping online I’d so be poor because of this site. Great picks, I especially love those JCs in the first pic xx

  9. cat

    So… I bought those lovely purple shoes you recommended! Glad I waited until now – got over a tenner off!!!
    Will show you them as soon as they arrive x x x