Shopping away the Monday Blues

Ok, so I’m not actually buying any of these items (yet) but it’s nice to have dreams and I do regularly buy myself a small treat on a Monday just to start the week on the right note (generally something random and under a fiver, for recovery related reasons).
I’ve created this little wishlist for Cavells, who are yet another recent discovery in the wide world of online shopping. They have a real life store too who stock Mulberry bags (with a current offer of 30% off, it’s just as well that’s not online!)
First up on my list are these studded blue sandals by Paco Herrero who I admit I’ve never heard of before today. At £52.50 in the sale you could do worse than to buy these but I must be good and resist…my shoe collection is far vaster than my current bank balance.
Next up is the classic monochrome Michael Kors bag which isn’t in the sale and costs an eye-watering £315. If I did have that kind of money this would be a sound investment as the colours and shape mean it would never date….clearly I’m trying to make excuses for my feelings towards this bag and craving to own it.
Last but not least is this delicate wishbone pendant by Katie Mullally, £69 is more than I usually spend on jewellery but I am oh so tempted to save for this as I’ve been looking for the perfect wishbone necklace for so long it’s unreal. 
It’s going to be a love/hate thing between Cavells and I for a while I think…I love what they stock but hate that I can’t afford it. Oh life. One day eh?
What are you currently craving? Do you have a little tradition to get the week off on the right foot?
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4 comments for “Shopping away the Monday Blues

  1. Oh my, those sandals would chase away my Monday blues!

  2. I love those sandals. x

  3. The wishbone necklace is beautiful, so delicate!

    Jess xo

  4. A little treat on a Monday sounds like a good idea to me! I’m popping to the shops later actually and I have a £15 voucher to spend…