sit back, relax

Yesterday was one of those days where there were no obligations and no need to do anything; the presents are wrapped, the cards delivered, the food shop done and a smug sense of satisfaction prevails.

Such days call for comfort clothing- an old favourite Primark jumper dress, New Look tights and boots (for when I did venture outside) and the sweetest necklace from Ginger Pickle.

Hard to believe really that it’s now Christmas Eve, we all know it’s coming and yet suddenly it’s here, taking us by surprise again.
How are you spending Christmas? It’s going to be one of firsts for us; the first without my Nan, the first without my Brother home, the first with Mae. We’ll make it nice though and maybe set some new traditions…

Santa’s little helper?

Those of you who have a long break for the holidays, how will you spend it? I’ll be going back to work Thursday and bar New Years Day have no more time off. This suits me this year…maybe in years to come I’ll resent it but for now I’m quite looking forward to the continued festive cheer and banter of the office.

Are you all ready?

14 comments for “sit back, relax

  1. You look so cute, I just want to give you a big hug in that dress (it looks so soft)

    Ooh i am jealous of you and your sorted-out-ness. I was doing Christmas stuff (baking, making and wrapping) for 8 hours yesterday and now I am up early to go into town for last minute shopping. This afternoon will be spent doing more wrapping. However I have managed to convince Corinne to come shopping with me this morning and then we’re going for coffee 🙂 Can you believe I haven’t seen her in over 3 years?!?!? Agh we are bad friends lol.

    I know what you mean about not bothering if you have to work a bit over Christmas. I am working too apart from Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. To be honest, as long as I get those two days off (so I can rest ahead of the craziness of each day/night) I don’t mind going into work and it gets me off the sofa into my pyjamas lol.

    Happy Christmas Eve, I am sure you will have a wonderful day tomorrow and new traditions will be set.

    Lots of love

    Janine xx

  2. Oops, meant to say OUT of my pyjamas, I am obviously planning to go into the office in my PJs… LOL

  3. I must admit this year I think I would rather be working all round Christmas. It’s not easy losing a family member and having everything change. Normally we would be in Dublin with all the family and have a big lovely family Christmas. Without my grandpa there isn’t really anything pulling us together so it’s just me and my mum on our own this year. I think next year we might go on holiday or volunteer in an old people’s home or homeless shelter so that we can share our Christmas.
    I hope you have a really lovely Christmas and do start making your new traditions 🙂 big hugs and lots of Christmas love xox

  4. That necklace is so cute. Hope your foot is getting better and you have a nice christmas even when there will be a lot of different experiences for you this year. Have a good new year x

  5. Have a magical Christmas Laura. Mae will be in her element, spoil her rotten!
    That necklace is gorgeous xxx

  6. Jumper dresses are a such a savior at this time of year! Love the tights with it.

    Even though I feel like I have been prepared for Christmas it has still really crept up on me!

    Karys x

  7. You look gorgeous. Love the dress with the purple tights.
    I’m just spending Christmas at home in Belfast with the family. Since I don’t have any wrapping or shopping to do I’m going to pamper myself for the stress of tomorrow. Have a great Christmas!!!

  8. i have totally been trying to figure out how / with what to wear m purple stockings with! It’s such a tricky color to pull off I think. I like what you did here… and it has inspired me to give the purple stockings another chance!

    Also… that cat is just adorable!



  10. lovely outfit!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // @thelovecatsinc

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  11. I love purple tights with a black dress, just reminded me to go home and dig my purple tights out! You look great, and warm.

    I am jealous you have nothing to do today, I was rush rush rush haha. I want to go to sleep but have to socialise with la famille.

    I only have 3 days off and it doesn’t feel enough, they are all jam packed full of stuff and I have to drive from my parents straight to work on Thursday. I think I’ll probably be hungover =( Can I have Thursday off please?

  12. Love Christmas Eve, especially when everything’s done and ready. This year will definitely be good for setting new traditions 🙂 Hope you’re having a good day xx

  13. Hope you had a brilliant day, and have created some new traditions and maybe a few new jokes?

    I’m researching for a uni essay, as I couldn’t bring myself to arrange work…


  14. I’ve been working all day yesterday and the day before, so no break for me yet.:)
    Love your tights and the necklace is adorable!