Sixties Chic

Matalan dress (last year), C&A top, Yull Chelsea boots.

I haven’t worn this dress in ages as up until now it hung off of me in a shapeless sack like fashion and I had forgotten just how much I loved it! This is the first outfit I have worn in a while that I’ve felt ok in, I hate this transitional stage but it is only temporary and everything else going on in my life right now is making it worthwhile (foot injury aside!)
Again I have ditched the crutches for these photos, I have some impressive bruising to my arms and I’m counting down the days until I can get rid of them!

Happy Halloween folks; who has spooky plans? It’s all quiet here, I’ve never really done much for the day apart from a party once upon a time. I’m at work this morning, on the early start no less. I’m doing a phlebotomy clinic and am taking in some monster chocolates to make it more fun for my patients and this afternoon I am going to my friend Ellie’s to carve pumpkins, but that’s as far as it goes.

How sweet does Mae look in this photo? Looks are properly deceiving as she is being a little monster lately but with a face like that all is forgiven.


10 comments for “Sixties Chic

  1. Lovely outfit, I really like how you give an edge to you oufots by pairing them with boots x

  2. that dress is fabulous and looks great on you x

  3. The dress looks gorgeous on you! Admire your strength with regards to the weight gain, you’re one tough cookie! And oh gosh the bruises from crutches are ridiculous, definitely not on the brochure! x

  4. Great dress! <3
    & Happy Halloween!!

  5. It’s so good how open and reflective you are about where you’re at with your planned approach to gaining weight. What’s more, this dress is so flattering and a lovely shape on you.

  6. Ahhh, our little feline friends get away with so much. All they have to do is look cute and offer up their tummy for a rub.
    Love this dress!

  7. the dress looks so cute on u and i love the kitty ^^

  8. Loooovely outfit, looks really cute on you! Arr those crutches sound like a pain in the ass (or arms!) I hope the time flies by to when you can throw them away.

    Haha yes my dog is the same, cute on the outside but sometimes evil within! xxx

  9. LOvely outfit and Mae is so cute x