Blue (Inc)

Cat: truly one of a kind, Jumper c/o Blue Inc, Jeans; Oasis, Shoes; TOMS

I’m so in love with this new jumper kindly sent to me by Blue Inc. I’d never shopped with them before but had browsed the website which sells everything from men’s chinosΒ to women’s t-shirts. At the moment they have some truly covetable knits and wonderfully low prices so come payday I think my visits to the site will become even more frequent.

I wore this outfit on Saturday for a lazy day. There was minor trauma when I put these jeans on and realised how much more snug they are these days, but that’s the aim of the game right now and I need to get my head around it and get used to it. I’m just under half way on the weight gain front and can’t afford to replace my entire wardrobe just yet..I do intend to do some serious shopping once I’m there though!

((Sorry to bang on, I’m trying to rationalise and come to terms with things))

You might have noticed the lack of crutches in these photos…I’m sick of the bloody things so decided to do some one legged posing instead, haa. I seriously cannot believe I ever thought those things could be fun!

back to the subject in hand…you’d do well to check out Blue Inc’s footwear too…I’ve spied some amazing ankle boots at a price too good to pass up!
Have you shopped there before? What’s made it on to your wish list?

Don’t forget there’s only a day left to enter the giveaway


P.S. is my blog layout looking off to anyone else? I’m not sure what’s going on!

21 comments for “Blue (Inc)

  1. Ive always wanted my legs to be as long as yours =]

  2. A chacun son jeu de jambes !… Gros bisous

  3. really unusual jumper, love it x

  4. I love that jumper πŸ™‚ Your cat is actually adorable!! I can’t wait to get a kitten once I live somewhere with a garden πŸ™‚
    Love Holly x

  5. That jumper looks so cosy. You’re looking great xx

  6. Fab jumper, very unusual.

    X x

  7. Ooh I like the jumper, it looks so cosy!

  8. Anonymous

    Lovely outfit, understated! Those jeans look so much better – that’s how jeans are MEANT to fit, you dont need to chuck them yet! They were too big (and shapeless) before – they’re perfect now!

  9. the jumper looks cool, definitely quite unusual! xx

  10. Just been having a little catch up on your blog, I hope your foot makes a speedy recovery πŸ™‚ Love this jumper πŸ™‚ xx

  11. I am going to come down there and steal Mae! She is tooo adorable & my Larry needs a girlfriend! x

  12. You have pretty amazing sense of style!

  13. You’ll get there, keep going xx
    That jumper looks like it has cobwebs on it! Funky!

  14. Daisy! ; )

    I came out from under my blog rock (I’ve been on a kind of self imposed blog fast for ages now – hiding from the bullies!) long enough to thank you for stopping by – and to say that YOU’RE amazing- and then I read this and I want to say – as someone who’s had a similar experience – less extreme, but no less dangerous: WELL DONE, LAURA.

    It is such a strange feeling, at first: everything about out culture tell us, as women, that we can never be too rich or too thin, but – having friends who are definitely too rich (one is one of the richest women in the world – a beautiful blonde who has such a difficult time, because of all the above) and we both know, there IS such a thing as being too thin. But when all around us, we’re constantly being rewarded – and envied – for being thin, when we cross a line and need to reverse the process, it’s really difficult. Does that even make any sense?

    I feel like – reading back my post – that my English is all wrong, probably from being up all night talking to friends in and around NY, and holding vigil in London. See: after a year of not commenting, I’m a flood of verbiage! But I want to applaud you, because I know what you’re going thru. It’s almost like we have to learn how to program ourselves.

    But speaking from a woman who had that experience decades ago, I can testify: we DO recover. I can’t remember feeling that way now. I’ve just polished off a pile of cookies – I didn’t count – and my husband is here beside me and I’m not worried that he’s not going to love me if I put on a few pounds. I’ve got flesh and muscle and, no doubt, some of it is fat, but I’m fitter and healthier – at my age – than I’ve been in years.

    And most importantly, I’m happy in my own skin. And you will be too: you’re getting there.

    And I’ll shut up now except to say I love that jumper, and will go to the site soon as I post this.

    sending virtual hugs xo

  15. Ooh I love these skull tees! You’d look great in the same jeans and shoes, and this tee:

    and I could also see you in this pretty girly bird dress:

    and one last thing: your cat is gorgeous! One of a kind. Like ours. Only ours is different.

  16. OMG!!

    and the prices are incredible.

    Okay I’ll shut up now: my husband has been waiting to watch Homeland OnDemand so patiently, he’s fallen asleep and is snoring away.

  17. Ankle boots? Yes please! I can only wear short boots, my calves are too shapely for tall ones =-(

  18. Amazing jumper! Great outfit, thanks for sharing! xoxo

  19. Oh I keep forgetting about Blue Inc, but yes I agree, they’re a store that I don’t usually think to browse on. I kind of love the frayed look of that jumper – it’s fab. Also good luck with the whole health-plan/weight gain! xo

  20. That jumper looks so cosy! That’s fab news about the weight gain, I honestly think the jeans look great on you! They fit perfectly, baggy jeans are the bane of my life this is just how I want mine to look like. xxx

  21. LOVE YOUR SHOES! and your kitty! CUTEST CAT!

    Amanda xo