Smelling good with Burt’s Bees

I’m not usually a fan of toiletry gift sets as generally there is one product I will use and the rest gets overlooked. This beauty from Burt’s Bees is an exception, there is nothing in there that I haven’t tried and loved, the Pomegranate sugar scrub is especially gorgeous and the scent of the entire set reminds me of Christmas which is kinda perfect at this time of year.

A quick run through of the set, which retails at £19.99 (so worth it when you price it all up individually):

Replenishing lipbalm with pomegranate oil: perfect for the trials of cold weather and central heating. Burt’s Bees is one of the only lipbalms that makes a difference and the flavour of this is just divine.

Cranberry and Pomegranate sugar scrub which smells like Christmas. Oh hello silky smooth skin, I’ve missed you!

Cranberry and Pomegranate replenishing body bar. Again this smells festive and lasts all day. This has been great in lieu of shaving foam. I will be buying this again and again.

Naturally nourishing milk and honey body lotion…one word for this…LOVE. I do kind of wish this had a fruit fragrance too though.

The signature spa pouf finishes the set off perfectly..this would make a great Christmas gift or a pampering treat for yourself.

What do you think of sets like this? What other Burt’s products do I need?


Set gifted to me with no obligation to review. All views are my own.

12 comments for “Smelling good with Burt’s Bees

  1. I’m obsessed with Burts Bees! The apricot oil for babies is divine, I use it more than my boys!x

  2. Another massive Burt’s fan here! We loooove the baby stuff but I also love their mango shampoo 🙂 x

  3. Burt’s Bees is amazing! This set looks great! And a great price for all the stuff you get! 🙂

  4. Love this, Burt’s is so good, I love their lip stuff, I have so much of it kicking about in my bags!!


  5. Burts Bees lipbalm is amazing! I was given it on the aeroplane when I was going to New York last year and it worked wonders on my usually chapped lips. It’s all I buy now!

    The milk and honey lotion is delicious too! Right up my street!

    Amy x

  6. I love Burt’s Bees stuff, my pomegranate lip balm is my favourite!

    Maria xxx

  7. I LOVE Burt’s Bees, their lipbalm is pretty much the only thing that has been soothing my sore cracked lips lately and their lemon butter cuticle cream is one of my holy grail products! xoxo

  8. I love Burt’s Bees! I’m hoping for one of theirs or Soap and Glory’s gift sets this year xxx

  9. i love burt’s! just posted about my beauty secrets the other day! love the rescue balm for cuts, mango shine shampoo and sugar beet conditioner

  10. Red

    I’ve been hanging around this section in Debenhams a fair bit. I might go crazy and request for xmas..maybe?

  11. I’d never really used Burts stuff before, but was lucky enough to win a set in a giveaway earlier in the year so that made me try them, and I’d definitely bvuy them in the future – all these products sound lovely 😉

  12. This sounds so nice. Burts Bees do the best gift sets! xo