Snacking Saturday- I’m a Geek for Greek

Welcome to my new food review feature! It’s no secret that I love snacking, it gets frequently mentioned on here and I thought it’d be good to share what I’m trying and loving/hating right now!

Kicking off with something amazing from Total Greek Yoghurt who got in touch with me a couple of weeks ago to ask if I wanted to try some of their new 0% split pots to review on the blog (please note that whilst the yoghurts was free, my review is honest and fair). I have long been a fan of Total products, in fact last year it is pretty much what kept me alive…so I was never going to turn down this chance. I did have one question though…how does one receive a parcel of yoghurt?

I soon found out the answer!



(the bag will be toted around for many a summer picnic!)

The split pot yoghurts come in four flavours; Strawberry, Blueberry, Tropical and Honey and there is also a 2% version of the Honey flavour. The fruit flavours come in at under 130 calories per pot, and the 0% honey contains 168. They also boast around 8.3g Protein per pot leaving them nutritionally superior to many yoghurts on the market, and provide long lasting munchie busting skills.
(You can get the full nutritional breakdown on the website)

The first flavour I tried was Blueberry.


This was probably my favourite despite me not being the biggest lover of blueberry flavoured things. The fruit was just sweet enough to contrast with the yoghurt without being sickly. I’ve since devoured my blueberry stash at an alarming pace!

Next up was Strawberry.



(please excuse the fact I am not a food photographer!)

Some people might find this too sweet (both this and the tropical have 1g more sugar than the Blueberry) but I have a major sweet tooth and loved it. The strawberry and yoghurt combination reminded me of cheesecake…and to further test this theory I spread a layer of the yoghurt and the fruit on a digestive biscuit and called it pudding one night. AMAZING!


Tropical was nice, but verging on too sweet even for me. What I really liked was the chunks of kiwi in the fruit part as it broke up the blandness of the texture. I did really love this, I just feel it could stand to be a little less sweet. The tropical flavours were incredible.


The honey flavoured one got off to a bad start with me because I really, really don’t like honey. However, being the trooper I am I ate it anyway and decided it wasn’t *tooo* bad when really well mixed together.
Honey fans will love this, I am sure…the honey goes quite solid in the fridge and you get a cool gooey effect that amused me.



Overall I’d eat all of these again (though I probably won’t be buying the honey one). I’ve only seen these for sale in Waitrose so far and they are quite pricey at Β£1.49 a pot…but for the satiety factor and healthy nutrition stats I’d say they are well worth it for a snack or dessert, and overall will probably save money on buying biscuits and chocolate because you won’t be as hungry!
(see here for a where to buy guide)

BIG thank you to Total for sending these. I officially love you.

Are you a fan of Greek Yoghurt? Have you tried these yet?

What is your favourite yoghurty snack?

and are there any products you would like to see featured?


P.S. Matalan are making a come back to our screens this weekend! Here’s some behind the scenes footage for you, enjoy! x

37 comments for “Snacking Saturday- I’m a Geek for Greek

  1. My favorite yougurt is strawberry yogurt.
    But I never tried the greek one.
    maybe it worth a try πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for your review, you make have just invented the quickest cheat’s cheesecake, I may have to make it! I’m amazed you don’t like honey, I can’t get my head around that :s
    have a great weekend πŸ™‚

  3. Love these the honey one is an actual nightmare to try and eat though lol! lovely post x

  4. Wow, that’s a lot of yogurt! πŸ™‚ I love greek yogurt too, love it plain with dices fruit – mango or melon!

  5. these look so yummy. When I go to England (fingers crossed, next year), I am going to go nuts just buying snacks!

  6. whoaaa yummy, I love yoghurt..and you’ve a lot of them :):)great!!

  7. Nice post!My Greek side feels quite proud that a Greek brand is so active and sent a U.K blogger products for trying!
    I didn’t know Total sold all those flavours in U.K!I only found the plain one sold in supermarkets and thank God cause it’s the only yogurt I like!

  8. Starlight

    Jealous of that package!
    Maybe I should start my own blog so I can get cool things like that. :p
    So now all I have to do is wait for a year until my country catches up and starts selling those things..

  9. Mmmmm I love greek yoghurt! My favourite is greek yoghurt and honey- was so happy to see that Yeo Valley have come out with mini yoghurts of greek yoghurt and honey- rather than the big pots. Love them x

  10. Resisting the urge to go to a supermarket right now (it is saturday after all, and it will be busy), but can’t wait to try the honey and tropical flavours. Love love love the idea of greek yoghurt with fruit flavours- now in convenient format.

  11. oh you’ve really made me crave one of these yoghurts now! i think i might try out the honey one. this will be a good excuse to stop buying chocolate/biscuits/cakes in my weekly shop and try out some healthy snacks! xx

  12. ohh they look yummy, may have to give them a try


  13. Kat

    Ahhh I love total greek yoghurt πŸ™‚ Going through a phase at the mo of having it for breakfast with banana, blueberries and honey on top- such a yummy way to start the day! These pot look delish, will definitely be trying! Great idea for a feature by the way!


  14. putting it on a digestive biscuit was frankly, inspired πŸ™‚ haha gonna have to try those badboys i think πŸ™‚

    cute blog! x

  15. I’m crazy about greek yoghurt, Must try the new flavoured ones.


  16. yummy!

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  17. That will make for a great picnic hamper, I tend to stick to chocolate youghurts (most unhealthy) but I’m liking this new feauture xx

  18. ooh i love yoghurts ^^ im so hungry now :p

  19. Mmmm mmmm Total 0% is good. But my favourite yoghurt is Rachel’s (of course!)

  20. Great post Laura! xx

  21. I would probably love the blueberry and strawberry ones myself too, but the others look yummy as well. This was a great review and I love this new feature to your blog as well! Brilliant post. I’ll definitely try some of these when I’m next out and about. xxx

  22. Ana

    I am a big sucker for greek yogurt as well.It is so good. That blueberry one looks absolutely delicious.
    What a great review.


  23. Mmm, those yoghurts look yummy! Honey and yoghurt is basically my favourite thing ever so I’d be right on those!

  24. big matalan love, looks liek itll be a great collection.

    Helen, X

  25. Oh my god! I am so jealous. I have a thing for yoghurt, so this is HEAVEN. Lucky you! Sweet blog, and thank you so much for your lovely comment! Sorry for the late reply, Panda xo

  26. you are so lucky! I love those πŸ™‚ Haven’t tried all of the new flavors yet though! I must be getting on that πŸ˜‰

  27. fab review! I love greek yogurt, have to put splenda on it and is also nice with some dried fruit and seeds mixed in. I will be hunting down these at waitrose when I visit on monday cant wait lol.

  28. Strawberry yogurt will forever be my favorite πŸ™‚

  29. I’ve never tried Greek yogurt, I’ll have to give it a shot!

  30. I reviewed these yoghurts to, found them a bit sweet but the tropical was my favourite.

  31. Too bad we don’t have these yummies around here!
    I love the review, so tempting. For a first visit, I must say your blog is so wonderful πŸ™‚

  32. Nevermind the yogurt….that cooler has me drooling. Oh me oh my. I am obsessed with it (and a geek).

  33. Kayleigh

    NEED a lot of the stuff in the Matalan video… roll on summer!

  34. A bowl of grapes with greek yoghurt and honey on top – mmmmm!!!


  35. Mmm, those all look really good. I am a lover of honey and would probably like it a lot. I’ve seen some total 0% around, but not yet the fun flavors, will keep my eyes open from now on though.

  36. I’m not keen on Yoghurt (except for Alpro soya fruit flavoured yoghurts) but I agree with comment that trying it on digestives is inspired- just like healthy cheesecake! Might just give this version a try! I don’t really like honey either, heinous considering I come from bee-keeping heritage!

  37. i m greek and i love total yoghurts…..especially the strawberry one is like a breeze of spring air during the whole year…..