Snacking Saturday; lets hit the bar

Sad but true fact; the only bars that feature in my life right now are the snack ones, not the gin containing alcohol ones.

Actually…happy tummy vs. hangover from hell? I know which I prefer!

Bars are a staple in my snacking life. Portable and convenient for work, there are SO many out there that I never get bored. When the UK versions grow old, I place an order on iHerb (their international shipping is SO cheap) and stock up with snacks and cereal, or beg USA friends to swap some goodies.

Right now the main players in my life are…


Nakd bars! I LOVE these, pictured is gingerbread, but my absolute favourite is cocoa mint. I either buy mine from the Supermarket/Holland and Barret or order online.
Jordans coconut crunchy bar…basically a biscuit in bar form. These are GOOD.
Meridian foods peanut butter and oat bar. I won these in a blog giveaway, I’m yet to see them in any shops local to me. SO good and perfect if I have a longer shift at work and need something more substantial with a slower energy release.


Protein bars. Because sometimes I really, really need a protein fix. I can’t explain it but some days I am so tired and everything aches (it’s a remnant of being un-healthy for so long) and these seem to help keep me going. They taste quite artificial, especially the power bars (currently on special offer in Holland and Barret) but I got used to them and see them as a means to an end rather than an absolute staple. If anyone knows of any nice tasting protein bars, I welcome suggestions! The power pack bar is actually quite nice…a bit like milky ways with a protein-y after taste.


Large nakd bar. Apple pie wins. On cold afternoons I stick this in the microwave (minus wrapper) for 20 seconds for a hot treat.
The 9bars were another blog giveaway win. I really, really like these but don’t have them very often. I find them rich…especially the ones with the carob topping but I do like to take one with me if I’m out shopping, or as a makeshift lunch until I can get something more proper.

The lara bar I can barely bring myself to devour as we can’t get them over here. A wonderful friend sent me this along with the most AMAZING peanut butter in the world. I am forever in her debt.


I couldn’t not pop in a photo of my Friday snacky box for work (babybel cheese, dried fruit and bear yo-yos)

Are you a fan of bars? What are your favourite?

International readers, I’m curious as to what varieties you enjoy
(and potentially do a swap of some kind)


30 comments for “Snacking Saturday; lets hit the bar

  1. check out Luna Bars from the US. White chocolate and macadamia is sooo good.

    Here’s a place that reviews them: . Hope you can find them online!

  2. i have never even seen most of these. My issue with most kinds of bar is the price. They seem very expensive to buy. Oh and I don’t really like nuts, which means I don’t even fancy trying some bars.

  3. Awww! I looovve your cute snacking box 😀 Looks so sweet!

  4. I’m a big special k bar fan! And oreos (I know they’re not bars, but y’know, snacks which spring to mind) are such a crux sometimes 🙂 ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  5. Anonymous

    Being a fan of Nakd bars I’m sure you’ve probably already tried them, but what about Trek products for a little protein? They’re 100% natural and so much more natural tasting than other protein bars. I like Mixed Berry best. 🙂

  6. Ooh, since I started work a month ago, I am ALWAYS carrying around snack/health bars! They’re just easiest thing to grab when a hunger attack strikes.
    Here in Australia, I like Carman’s, which seems pretty healthy. I’ve been having the Yoghurt Apricot ones lately
    There’s also some bars by Be Natural and Uncle Toby’s that I’ve been meaning to try

    Would be totally happy to send you some to try! Email me if you’re keen 😉

  7. your little snack box is so so cute! i’m a fan of popcorn as a snack 🙂 xx

  8. Wow so many snacks! I rarely have those kind of snack bars but I love a bit of Holland and Barrett for skincare stuff. I think next time, I should go in and buy a couple of these bars! Anyway, snacks I really like are pumpkin seed snack bites, wasabi peas or a handful of mixed nuts!

  9. Chocolate Bars are the kind i like 😉
    You’ve won the book giveaway over at my blog! Email me your address at.. 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    Which shipping option do you use on iHerb and are there any hidden fees?

  11. VT

    =) you’ve just prompted me to order some NAKD bars online — i can’t wait for them to arrive! x

  12. ive never tried a protein bar! I think I will though ^^so many snacks idk where to start :3

  13. I’ve gotten really addicted to yogurt coated raisins.. not exactly bars but on the health food side of things 🙂

    the worst bar to me are the cadbury brunch bars- really salty and unsatisfying!

  14. Anonymous who asked about the shipping,
    I either use the $4 shipping or the next one up depending on how much I’ve ordered.
    I tend to spend about £10 at a time so have had no extra fees bar a £1 international handling fee via my bank.

  15. I do like the Kelloggs Nutrigrain bars, but I think I may have to test out some of these.


  16. I’m the same as Caroline and have the kelloggs bars. Just the thing for a little boost.

    X x

  17. I love nakd bars, gingerbread is my favourite, I used to have pure protein bars smores was my favourite

  18. Not really a fan of bars but I like some of the ‘School bar’ ones which are made of some sort of reconstituted fruit, e.g. the blackcurrant ones, rather like a version of the bear yo yos you had. Other than that, don’t really like many.

  19. Nakd bars are lush aren’t they? I think my fave are Nature Valley oaty bars but I tend to have them for breakfast on the go rather than as a snack.

    What did you think of the vegan choc?

  20. hello Laura, long time no comment from me but I’m still here keeping tabs on you 🙂

    the only bars in your selection that I’ve tried are those protein ones and I’m not really a fan.

    my favourite bars are Nutribars… not sure if you can get them where you care but if you can, I think the flavours are all good, especially the caramel one and the peanut butter one. having one is like taking a multivitamin, they are so packed with good stuff! and they taste pretty decadent for a bar, almost as good as a chocolate bar.

    I haven’t had one in forever… craving now!

  21. ohh, that snack box is so adorable, i want one! x

  22. I can’t remember the name of them but I used to love the fruit bars that had the cartoon tigers and other animals on the front, they were delicious. And that snack box is so cute! My best friend loves elephants so she’d love that. xxx

  23. Wow, lots of bars you have there! Personally , I am not a fan, but to each their own, right 🙂 Cute lunchbox too! I’ve been trying to find my perfect one but could never come across such – it woudl either be too big, too little, not flat enough, too colorful, too plain… lol

  24. Oh I really must try the Jordans coconut bars. I adore anything coconut flavour or scented. That is the cutest snackbox ever! x

  25. I eat way too many Jordans bars, so tasty!!!!!!! :p xxxx

  26. I love nakd bars! Yum! The berry delight ones are lush too. I want to try some protein bars too because after my runs sometimes I really feel like a protein fix.

  27. Still jealous of that bento box and now jealous that you can rock granny shorts (I read backwards…)
    Can you come make me over?

  28. That Larabar is my fav 🙂 I cannot wait for you to try it.

    Those Nakd bars look so good.

    We have these bars in a coffee shop here and I love them but cannot find them anywhere.
    I might just have to order them.

    Otherwise I love Larabars so much I make my own:) My fav ones to buy are pb cookie and cashew cookie.

    I love Lemon Zest and Choc Peppermint Lunas as well.

  29. these comments have been helpful, i’m currently working on a new range of bars especially for women, i now what i look for or recommend to clients but what do YOU look for in a bar? what makes you want to choose a certain snack/protein bar?…colour?, nutritional content?

  30. Laura, the nakd bars just caught my eye on the shelf in Tesco and I remembered this post. I picked up three – cashew cookie, choc orange and another one (they are in the kitchen and I’m too lazy to move) anyway, I tried the cashew cookie first. OMG! Laura, these are amazing. I have found my new favourite snack.