Girl, Meet Dress (or how to make a dream reality)

Like most bloggers I swoon over runway collections of dresses I can never afford…or at least justify the high prices just for one or two nights of wear.

Enter Girl Meets Dress, the site I also refer to as “my dream come true”.
Sure, it still costs…but can you really put a price on looking and feeling utterly fantastic on a big day or night?
Hiring a dress couldn’t be simpler…
you browse and make your choice (up to three dresses, with the un-suitable ones refunded)
it arrives on your doorstep
you try it on and make that final choice, wear it out then send it back hassle free with the dry cleaning taken care of for you!

Browsing the site, there has just been a drop of new arrivals encompassing Summer’s hottest trends. Here is what I’m trying to find a reason to hire!

YSL hot pink belted dress
Marc by Marc Jacobs colour block dress
Alice and Olivia blouson dress.

So what do we think?
Have you ever hired a dress before? What do you think of the concept?
And most importantly,
what dress would you like to arrive on your doorstep?

Happy Friday

21 comments for “Girl, Meet Dress (or how to make a dream reality)

  1. i’ve never hired a dress or a bag in my life. But, I’m always saving up for one amazing dress! πŸ˜€


  2. I think it’s a great idea, but I’d be too scared to wear something that I didn’t own in case I ruined it!

    I also think it’s easy to dress up high street clothes or buy something second hand. I don’t think the prices on GMD are outrageous though.

    I love this one though



  3. I LOVE the Marc Jacobs colour block dress!!

    Sadie x

  4. I’ve come across the site before never seriously considered using it’s services. I just don’t know if this can really work so well as a business. Especially with discount outlets offering such huge savings on designer labels.

    If I wanted a designer dress I would probably scour the outnet. That sometimes has like 80% discount! Then they have the weekend shop in where they apply even more discount. Plus then I could flog it and get some of my money back x

  5. Amy

    I’ve hired a vintage dress and accessories before all for Β£20. I loved it, and would definitely do it again!

    Narrowboat Lucky Duck

  6. Angela

    I’ve never hired a dress… and not sure I would, but I wouldn’t mind that blouson dress arriving on my doorstep πŸ™‚

  7. i hired a prom type dress for a masquerade ball last year but i have never thought of hiring something ‘designer’ – i have heard of the concept however. x

  8. Oh i love this website πŸ™‚ they asked me to write about them but i never got around to it! Glad you did it instead πŸ™‚

    Thank you for your comment lovely,

    http://Www.clashing <3

  9. I sort of like the idea, but I’ve seen those sites before and aren’t they like 70 to hire? I’d probs rather buy a dress.


  10. ive only ever hired fancy dress costumes!

  11. I think it is a cute idea but I can’t imagine anyone actually doing it… x

  12. I have never hired a dress before I do like that 1st pink dress though x

  13. I remember back in the day when this concept first came out for designer backs. Don’t think I’d do it myself. Though that Marc Jacobs dress is lovely.x

  14. Oh gosh, I dunno – I’d be soooo friggen scared I’d ruin the dress, imagine you pay the money to hire it then you ruin it and then it’s all your money gone hahaha – I’d be sooo scared lol xx

  15. they look so beautiful, but they dont look designer to me XD

    I think hring dresses is a gd idea, but I doubt i would XD

  16. wow i wouldnt mind hiring a dress! that is a great idea

    Vi from Cali

  17. I am so clumsy I would be so scared that I would ruin the dress so I probaly would never do it.

  18. I’ve never hired, I’m too likely to ruin it! The blue dress is beautiful x

  19. Ohh, this is perfect for events! My fave is the blue roses one XX

  20. I love the Alice & Olivia blouson dress! All you dress/bag-rental scaredy cats out there, I was just as scared to hire a dress at first. But I have tried it from Girl Meets Dress and i surprised myself – the dress remained intact! And even though I did get a small stain on it, I paid a small insurance fee so I wasn’t held responsible for the damage. so, I urge you all to conquer your fear! It is an amazing feeling to wear a dress that you know you normally could never afford.