Snow Day "chic"

Cat Print Tunic: New Look
Leggings/trousers: Primark
Slipper socks: Gift
So, like the rest of the UK we woke up to a coating of the white stuff yesterday; actually, when I woke up at 5am we had none but by 7 we had quite a thick layer and the chaos started.
I’m proud to say I refused the chance of a whole day off work and made it in for the morning thanks for my dedicated Mum who braved her hatred of driving in such conditions. It was a most odd morning- none of the GPs were able to get to our surgery so we had to send patients to our other site, we had a nurse, a HCA and five reception staff…power to the admin people?
I was allowed to leave at lunch time as I really wasn’t needed and we weren’t sure how easy it’d be to get me home by the evening (snow and crutches anyone?) so I indulged in a lazy afternoon slouching around in the kind of clothes I usually reserve for sick days and enjoying it greatly. As soon as I saw this cat print tunic I needed it, it’s not really my style but it has cats on and is warm which was good enough reason for me to purchase…I am easily swayed.
I spent a lot of the afternoon watching Mae sound her disgust at the snow coated garden, she went outside a couple of times but mostly stayed near windows growling and looking put out, she’d never seen snow before (I don’t think) and certainly hadn’t been outside in it and I think she was a bit confused; not hard to confuse this cat.
I think I finally have some good news on the foot front too, after an appointment last week left me with a probable diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome my wonderful GP is starting me on some specific pain medication that should make it a lot more comfortable to walk and I am hoping that now we’re sure there is no serious injury I can ditch the crutches, the only thing keeping me on them is the pain on weight bearing so if that’s not there and I can re-educate my foot on correct posture this could be the turning point. I knew 2013 was going to be a positive year!

Well, happy weekend, got plans to play in the snow? I’m hoping it hasn’t turned in to an ice rink outside so I can get some fresh air safely at some point!


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  1. Hello dear, Your blog really awesome! Love it! <3
    Btw, wanna follow each other via GFC? Let me know 😉

  2. I love the cat jumper! Very cute!!
    Awww Mae looks confused at the snow. Tofu keeps going out in it and meowing every step he takes cause his feet are cold haha, he’s a soft ass!

  3. Good on you for going in to work 🙂 I’m glad to hear you’ve got a probable diagnosis – once you’ve been diagnosed it must be all uphill from there 🙂 fingers crossed for you x

  4. Oh Daisy, you’re such a delight!

    Our cat hasn’t seen snow either (or has he? I forget)- I was talking to a young mum at yoga yesterday and she said it’s her kids’ first snow – it’s funny, living in and around NY and New England, people get so tired of it, take it for granted, but living here, it’s such a treat. It feels MAGIC.

    The cat, tho, didn’t get it. I thought if I opened the thing on the window so he can sit on towels and look out, he’d be fascinated – he’s only an indoor cat, poor thing – but he soon grew bored (or cold) and went for his favourite warm sleeping spots instead.

    Such great cosy indoor clothes. I’ve got to go out later – meeting a friend – and I’m craving pale blue and white. White jeans with thick Mou rust suede shearling lined boots – my warmest pair. And even tho it’s several seasons old, my Motel faux fur leopard print coat, because I feel like a giant stuffed bear in it. In a good way.

    SO GLAD to hear your foot’s mending.

  5. p.s. Oops – husband walked in and I hit send (even with the anti-spam thing) and forgot the most important part: the <3!


  6. I had a half snow day too 🙂 and yes, we had loads of support staff but very few teachers. So definitely power to the people who get paid least :/
    I chose to wear similarly comfy clothes 🙂 has to be done when you’re not going to be going out again!
    That’s great news about your foot! I hope you’re back to being able to walk happily and wear all of your shoes again soon. xo

  7. That is ALOT of snow!!! we havet had it too bad yet, but they say this weekend is when its coming our way!! :s (fingers crossed for a snow day on monday, pretty pleeeease!)
    Thats great news about the foot, this weather is not tailored towards crutches! :p
    Enjoy the snow from the safety of indoors and make like a cat and curl up and chill 🙂 xx

  8. Glad you’re finally getting somewhere with the foot saga… Hopefully the new meds will help. Power to the admin people indeed, you’re obviously all very dedicated! Hope you’re staying warm and enjoying the snow (if you can with the crutches!) xx

  9. You look so cosy and cute. I still blame this blog post for the weird dream lol.

    Janine xx

  10. I love a good oversize jumper 🙂 it is so hot here at the moment love seeing the snow on your side of the world!!

  11. this looks so cosy x

  12. You look very snuggly! Make sure you keep warm! 🙂

  13. Ps I forgot to say yey for the probable diagnosis and new medication 🙂

    Janine xx

  14. YAY no crutches!

    Elspeth xx

  15. I love that jumper, I kind of want one.
    Bless Mae, my aunts dog used to have a similar reaction to the snow bless him.

  16. HOORAY for the good foot news! Sadly not much snow here but I’ve enjoyed hearing about others’ snuggly snow days. I would’ve loved an extra day to snuggle with my cat 🙂

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  18. Love the outfit, cute and comfy 🙂 xx

  19. Eek I love the cat print tunic!!

  20. YAY to the foot being on the mend! xxx

  21. The New Look Cat Print Tunic and Slipper socks look perfect to slip into once inside from cold snowy weather. I’m thankful we haven’t had as much as usual here so far this winter. The photo of Mae loking out the snowy scene is great! Glad to read year 2013 is looking positive! The snow will be here soon enough. I have the shovels, scrapers, boots, long thermal underwear gloves and boot-liners at the ready.

  22. Ha, the doctors probably all have big houses in the country and posh rear-wheel drive cars! Great news about your foot!! 🙂

  23. Well as I was ill all week I actually did not end up having to go out in the snow…I wanted to though lol.

    Its funny you say about Mae growling but Ollie growls too and I did not think cats growled as I never remember Tommy doing that lol x