daisy chain dreaming: oh my love

Georgia Black Eyelash Lace Open Back Dress: £45

Alysha Black PU Straps Sweetheart Skater Dress: £45

Rita Black Crinkle Foil Cold Shoulder Dress: £39

Layla Black Embellished Neckline Racer Back Skater Dress: £39
All pictures from the Oh My Love facebook page
I appear to suffer from a style split personality- one day I’m all over floral and pastels, the next I’m craving an all black ensemble with straight cut lines. Today is one of the latter days and the cause of my desire is the new arrivals over at Oh My Love (who also have some rather fabulous and colourful pieces too). Topping my “I need it” list is the Rita dress- it’s black but not boring and at £39 I am sorely tempted to ignore the angel on my shoulder telling me to wait until payday and go ahead and buy it.

I’ve never shopped at Oh My Love before so I can’t vouch for the sizes or customer service; I’d be interested in hearing what you think. What I can tell you is that they are one to watch, there are some seriously stylish dresses to browse through alongside gorgeous blouses and perfect for this weather fluffy knits. I’m wishing I was back in my student days as I’d be able to bag a cool 20% discount (now I feel old, my student days are long gone…)

What’s on your wish list this week? 


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  1. There’s a bit of a chill starting here – maybe it’s the depths of winter setting in. I took a look over at the Oh My Love website and found myself starting to look at one of Oh My Love’s pink rose jumpers. It’s pretty and a good bargain. Interesting online shoppe 🙂

  2. I could see you in any of these dresses, you would look hot in all of them! I have never shopped there before but now you have put these links on I can see that changing soon. Ooh what is on my wishlist? How much time have you got? LOL. I may do a wishlist post this weekend and try edit it down to my top ten so I don’t overload people. I want it all and I want it now 🙂

    Are you feeling any brighter today? I am a little cos it is Friday woo. Stay safe in all that snow down your end hun, use your crutches like ski poles maybe?

    Janine xx

  3. Loving the first dress. I do love the exposed backs.

    x x

  4. Love that first dress! And the detailing on the Rita dress is so interesting and something a little different. If only I had to funds to add to my ever growing wardrobe!

  5. I love my velvet dress from there! I’m a size small so that should give you a rough idea 🙂

    The Style Rawr!

  6. I really love the second dress in your post!
    Glad I bumped into your blog, I absolutely love it!



  7. I really like the first dress, it’s gorgeous!



  8. Love this dress!


  9. I’m loving each and every one of these dresses! Black is the only colour i seem to feel comfortable in and these are just beautiful xx

  10. If they accept UNiDAYS codes as discount let me know and I’ll use my account to generate a code!

  11. That Georgia dress is beautiful!

    Maria xxx

  12. I love the Georgia eyelash dress, it’s gorgeous! I hope you’re feeling a bit brighter now, and if it helps, you should definitely order the dress you want 🙂 about to go check out Oh My Love and no doubt create a wishlist. I’ve been totally avoiding all kinds of shopping because I am so poor right now! You definitely should check charity shops for books again, it’s so much cheaper than buying them new x p.s. I already added one thing to my wish list – those Pamela Mann happy/sad tights – wow!

  13. Oh that is called an eclectic personality. You like a bit of several styles. Great taste!
    Blessings to you

  14. I love the 3rd dress with the back cut out detail, it would look great on you!

    I would love to check the website out but I am too scared for my bank account right now!

  15. I have a dress and a top from there – but I bought it from the clothes show so I don’t know about service either. I’d say their clothes are alright and kind of F21 or H&M quality. I like them!

  16. Ooh, I want them all! Can never have enough LBD’s, especially at those kind of prices! I think the Rita is my fave too though.
    I have a dress from there & personally think the quality is pretty good considering the price & they shipped it out super quickly too! 🙂

  17. The best bit about style is being able to create different looks each day, yesterday was minimal but today I’m feelin the need for colour and fun!
    I’m staying away from shops, high street and online. Shopping is banned for the foreseeable….
    Hope you have a great weekend!