Sparkling with SuShilla

Another day and another AMAZING jewellery brand to share with you. I’m clearly indulging my inner magpie at the moment as I just want to post about all things sparkly and shiny.
SuShilla jewellery came on to my radar via twitter a couple of months ago and has never really left it since then. Every tweet makes me click on to the site and drool over the gorgeously unique pieces.
Using silver (or gold plated silver) and a vast array of semi-precious stones SuShilla manages to create pieces that look raw yet perfectly finished at the same time. SuShilla believes the natural beauty of an uncut stone should be left to shine, meaning each piece makes a real statement whilst remaining simple. She visits India twice a year where she works closely with the workshops that produce her jewellery. It’s on these trips that she also sources new stones.
Here is just a small selection of SuShilla’s amazing work. Prices vary, they range from around the £100 mark to about £300 depending on the style and stone, not everyday affordable but not unobtainable either. I have my eye on the Daisy ring (bottom pic) of course. It’s £195 and I am on a spending ban thanks to impending op on my back and another lump of sick leave but should I come in to some money any time soon I know where it’s going!
what’s your favourite piece?

8 comments for “Sparkling with SuShilla

  1. The second pic – the ring. Hello!

  2. I like the white ring x

  3. Ahh I love druzy stones. Gorgeous pieces!

    Sarah xx

  4. These are so beautiful! I love the uncut stones.

  5. So many lovely pieces here – thanks for sharing :)x

    The Belle Narrative

  6. I absolutely love them!!
    so chic and wellmade!!

  7. These pieces are all so lovely!