Special Guest at Quidco Cashback Boutique

You may have noticed over the last week some P.S. additions to my posts speaking about tomorrow’s Quidco cashback boutique event.

For those that don’t know

A store with a difference – where customers are paid to peruse – is set to open for business alongside high-street titans Argos, The Body Shop, Debenhams and Vodafone.
Landing in Rathbone Place at 9am on 28th June, just yards from the nation’s most famous high street Oxford Street, the Quidco Cashback Boutique is set to attract queues of shoppers hoping to get their hands on some free money.

This high security, retail experience will go down in history as the only shop in the world where consumers can literally pick up free money. From clothes rails of cash to live mannequins draped in dosh shoppers will enjoy a shrine to free money.

The pop-up experience marks the next generation of Quidco’s revolutionary mobile app that will pay shoppers for simply entering their favourite high street stores, including household favourites such as Argos, The Body Shop, Debenhams and Vodafone.

The newest Quidco app is set to transform the high street: shoppers simply download it for free, check into any of the 70+ signed-up stores and receive cash into their Quidco account. Users are literally paid for stepping into their

Users of the app must take four simple steps to receive cash for checking-in:

1.       Download Quidco app to smart phone
2.       See nearby check-in stores and amounts
3.       Enter store, check-in and bank the cash
4.       Share shopper experience via twitter or Facebook

The excitement at the Cashback Boutique will be heightened by the recruitment of a celebrity store assistant. TOWIE beauty  Lucy Mecklenburgh, also known for running her own shop, Lucy’s Boutique, will man the tills and greet hundreds of excited customers.

Lucy’s Boutique also joins the likes of Debenhams as yet another fashion retailer to join the Quidco check-in revolution.

If your planning on heading to the event, taking place tomorrow 9am-1pm at Rathbone Place, off Oxford Circus then don’t forget to visit the Quidco website and download the quick and easy App (or you can do so in the queue!)

Do let me know if you pop along, I was hoping to attend myself as I’m a long time Quidco fan, but sadly work and living far from London makes it not possible.


4 comments for “Special Guest at Quidco Cashback Boutique

  1. Awesome, long time Quidco fan here too, I’ve had nearly £800 over 4 years! Not bad when it really is money for nothing!

    J x

  2. I’m so tempted to go!! xx

  3. Wow that’s amazing design, i am also a designer but never seen that kind of stuff.

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