My Fair Lady

Blouse c/o OASAP, Skirt from New Look, Shoes Jeffery Campbell c/o Sarenza.

I don’t really own that many tops, and those I do own are plain vests and tees for the most part. I have plenty of skirts and a couple of pairs of trousers but nothing much to go with them…I just don’t seem to be drawn to tops in the same way I am to dresses.

I made an exception for this blouse from OASAP which came with the dress in yesterday’s post. I was hesitant as it’s “one size” but it fits pretty well and is a perfect/versatile length.

I really need to feel my wardrobe with more pretty tops and blouses, I’ll finally be able to make the best of some of my dresses and skirts…
Where do you suggest I start?  Have you seen any in the sales that might appeal to me?


26 comments for “My Fair Lady

  1. The blouse and skirt combination is very pretty. I want to get more blouses as most of my tops are plain too.


  2. This suits you so well, you look really pretty!


  3. Adorable! Love it 🙂


  4. it’s a cute blouse, looks lovely. I find I wear the same tops over and over once I find one I really like x

  5. If you want pretty blouses I’d suggest to invest in good fabrics as it will be a lot more omfortable to wear under dresses, too, or on they own or with cardigans. Perhaps look for online shops that carry multiple brands, and look through the sales or outlets?

    This look is so delicate and lovely, and love the choice of shoes to wear with it! xo

  6. I thought this was a dress for a minute!
    I struggle with seperates too, but this outfit is gorgeous! =)

  7. The blouse looks lovely, it goes great with that skirt 🙂

    Caroline x
    Caroline’s Catwalk

  8. Very pretty blouse, love the detailing on the collar and sleeves!

  9. Beautiful outfit, looks lovely on you! xx

  10. I love the ladylike outfit teamed with the tougher chunky boots!
    Awesome…and there is the shoe envy again!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  11. love the blouse hun, those peachy nude tones look fab on you xx
    Love Amie

  12. I love this! Forever21 is always good for cute little tops!

  13. Love this! You look so tall in these photos (realise how silly that sounds)

  14. love this blouse! xx

  15. Soft and feminine! So pretty.

  16. I have a similar problem! So many bottoms but not much to go with them! This top is gorgeous, looks really lovely with the skirt! Such a girlie outfit! Xx

  17. rae

    i would say for cheap blouses, forever 21? i really like this outfit on you btw, it actually has an interesting elegant western feel to it, for whatever reason. you also have such a lovely long and slim body.

    xx rae

  18. I have a few blouses but they’re from all over the place. Nowhere stands out as ‘purveyor of quality blouses’ does it?


  19. Ah, love the combination. Gorgeous outfit.
    I don’t know about anything in the sale, but Monsoon is always a safe bet?!

  20. Love these neutral colours!

  21. I adore this outfit, the colours are really pretty 🙂 xx

  22. I absolutely love this outfit, it really suits you x

  23. I love a peter pan collar blouse with skirts. There are loads of cute ones about at the moment. I found one on eBay and another (way more expensive) from Boden but its good quality so I don’t mind quite so much. xo

  24. It’s very charming! What is it made out of? I’d consider buying one if it were made of something natural! You look very pretty and ladylike in it!

  25. The colours in this outfit! Zara and ASOS have amazing sales at the moment, you might find some tops there xxx