Spread some Joy

There are some shops that will always stick in my memory. When I was at college (back in the day) I used to trek all the way up Park Street just to visit Joy and torture myself with the most gorgeous products that I just couldn’t afford. I used to live for their sales when I could perhaps indulge in one dress or a couple of trinkets for my bedroom and even now it’s a place I associate with luxurious browsing rather than serious shopping.
Joy have just launched a collection of 20 new season online exclusive pieces to give us a taste of what’s to come for next season from their in-house brand Louche. There are some seriously amazing garments among this collection and I’ve popped together a list of my favourites below.
To get details and prices of any of the pieces just hover over the photos. My absolute favourites from this selection have to be the sixties inspired Benecia Dress and the beautifully detailed pink Angel Top (just check out that detailed back). I can’t wait to see what else lands in store/online for the season ahead, I know I’ll be saving pennies hard to treat myself to a piece or two…
You can view the whole collection online, do let me know what you’ve got your eye on!
I couldn’t resist a browse in the gifts section whilst checking out the new collection. I’ve found myself really rather taken with this salt and pepper shaker set too, although that kind of thing has to wait until Ben and I get a place of our own (and he doesn’t get a say in whether we have these or not!)


2 comments for “Spread some Joy

  1. I’m surprised you’ve chosen quite a plain selection from Joy (except for the dress), I usually associate them with bright and fun prints and retro-inspired items and well, I associate you with that too- the prints, maybe not the retro bit! That said, they all look classic items. They had a great sale on in store when I was in Greenwich last week- I was desperately searching for a cheap dress for unexpected swing dancing and they had loads!x

  2. I really love the Havie shirt! xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista