Happy Easter! Who’s already in a chocolate coma?

(photo from weheartit)

Dear Uk, please start selling Peeps. I LOVE the marshmallow good/badness.

This weekend has been glorious…hot, happy inducing summer sunshine; I could get used to this! It’s made all the more sweet by actually being able to appreciate and enjoy it all this year, rather than it passing me by in some kind of blur.

Outfits have involved the obligatory floaty florals.

Saturday; Primark maxi skirt and cardi thing. Staple £1.99 New Look vest that I now own in five colours.




I saw this from my window Saturday morning. I’m so excited for Bristol Balloon Fiesta and actually being able to go this year, I love hot air balloons and the night glow is generally amazing!

Easter outfit; Vintage dress from ebay. Tights which were abandoned for bare legs and sandals that shredded my feet despite usually being my comfy shoes.




Are you loving this weather? WEAR SUNSCREEN!

What did the Easter Bunny bring you?


*votey for me here, please*

29 comments for “Spring.Sunshine.Summer?

  1. My

    happy easter! lovely dress and floral maxi skirt!

  2. love your floral maxi skirt, its so pretty. Your floral dress is just perfect too. I tore open my foot walking in a pair of ballet flats… Urgh. Love your sandals, I have a very similar pair. Enjoy all your Easter goodies x

  3. I dread to think how many NL vests I have! I love the dress.

    Enjoy your Easter.


  4. I love your vintage dress!
    Happy Easter!

  5. Oo the Bristol Balloon Fiesta! I went a couple of years back and it was amazing – *definitely* go!

  6. I’m yet to try peeps – they look a bit scary….all the better to eat them quickly! Surprisingly not in a chocolate coma yet, i can sense it’s an imminent event though 😛 happy easter m’dear! x

  7. Pretty outfits, love the sandals! Happy Easter lovely!

  8. Happy Easter. I love how amazing the weather is!! It’s so beautiful.
    I love the second outfit. The dress looks great. It’s such a nice length.

  9. love your maxi skirt very much! ! <3

    happy easter to you too

  10. Love the ebay dress. Another nice find. Happy Easter! x

  11. Love your floral maxi! I’ve eaten so much chocolate in different forms already ah! Happy easter!

  12. I bought myself easter eggs. There was a little bunny rabbit in my yard this morning though… No joke!

  13. I ate choccie for breakfast so I’m working on the chocolate coma! 😉

    That dress looks very cute on you!

    Do you know when the Balloon Fiesta is this year- I didn’t go last year either! <3




  14. yummm, I am overdosing on the sweet stuff.

    Love the maxi dress. me and handsome went to hyde park yesterday and I got so much colour. I am surprised how warm it is.

    Dena x

  15. Happy Easter to you too 🙂
    Love the maxi skirt! The easter bunny brought me a new dress! 😉

  16. Happy Easter, love the vintage dress.

  17. Happy Easter hun.

    X x

  18. Beautiful Easter outfit!

    And I just voted for you too:) Hope you’ll win!

  19. I love that vintage dress, it looks gorgeous on you!
    Sadly I haven’t had any easter eggs yet 🙁 will have to go shopping once they’re all half price to cheer myself up haha!

  20. Your dress is beautiful. Sandals have also shredded my feet. The things we do for fashion 🙂 Happy Easter 🙂 xxx

  21. Happy Easter, beautiful! Love the skirt and the dress on you. I’ve always wanted to go to the balloon fiesta, one of our friends goes and the pictures are fabulous. xxx

  22. Happy Easter I love your heeled sandals xx

  23. Looking GORGEOUS in the vintage dress! I am all filled up on gianduja chocolatey goodness sent by the “in-laws”, all free from dairy / gluten-y nasties. Woop woop! My stomach thanks the world for me-friendly chocolate on Easter Sunday 😉

    Happy Easter gorgeous!


  24. Happy Easter! You look fab, is this the vintage Laura Ashley dress you were talking about?

    Maria xxx

  25. Love that dress x

  26. Happy Easter lovely. I had a sugar bunny and some vegan fudge – nom!

  27. I love that maxi skirt – so perfect for this time of year!
    Sami xx

  28. It Was actually really nice, have been getting rain lately.

  29. Liking the Maxi Skirt. Hope you enjoyed Easter, I spent Easter Sunday in the garden, wearing minimal clothing and enoying the sun, and the evening eating homemade pizza and drinking the Ginger Beer.