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– finds the Top Ten best and worst fashionable celebritiesJUNE, LONDON: Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has topped the list of the most fashionable icons in a poll of over 2,000 people by fashion search engine The future Queen  of England beat the Queen of fashion, Victoria Beckham, with pop princess Cheryl Cole following closely behind.

Conversely, glamour model and lover of all things pink, Katie Price, has been voted the least  fashionable celebrity in the UK with arch nemesis, fellow glamour model turned bodybuilder, Jodie  Marsh, coming in at second place.  Meanwhile pop legend and master of reinvention Madonna  seems to have suffered as a result of her recent risqué fashion choices, coming in third place on the list of least fashionable celebrities.

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1. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge (best dressed)
1. Katie Price (worst dressed)

2. Victoria Beckham (B)
2. Jodie Marsh (W)

3. Cheryl Cole (B)
3. Madonna (W)

4. Kate Moss (B)
4. Kerry Katona (W)

5. Kelly Brook (B)
5. Nicki Minaj (W)

6. Lady Gaga (B)
6. Kim Kardashian (W)

7. Rihanna (B)
7. Carol Vorderman (W)

8. Zooey Deschanel (B)
8. Britney Spears (W)

9. Amy Childs (B)
9. Katy Perry (W)

10. Cara Delevingne (B)
10. Tulisa  Contostavlos (W)

When it comes to female fashion, the survey also found that men and women  disagree on what they deem to be attractive.  Over half of the women included in the survey (53%) stated that a pair of heels makes them feel most attractive, whilst almost  3 in 4 men (73%) men prefer a tight dress and a mini skirt. Furthermore, a quarter of men feel that having a good body is the most important factor to being seen as fashionable.

Men don’t appear to be quite so frank however when dishing out the fashion advice to the ladies in  their lives however with nearly half of men (47%) admitting to having lied to their partners about  how she looks to save her feelings.  With  67% of women looking to their partner to give them fashion advice, this is a clear sign that women may be putting their trust in the wrong place when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit.

Co-founder of, Dexter Grima, says: “We were not surprised to see Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, crowned the most fashionable icon as she has demonstrated a keen eye for
knowing what suits her and dressing for the occasion.  From her wedding day style to more formal royal appointments, and even her maternity choices, she has remained consistent.  Her influence has been reflected in the items our users are searching for on with a significant increase in searches for Kate Middleton inspired dresses and bikinis.

In fact with the rise of social media and celebrities being photographed at every turn, we’ve see a
significant rise in searches for a wide range of celebrity-inspired looks on a daily basis.  Our expert  fashion editors work hard to select each and every item that appears on the site, to help you find the  perfect items across a range of brands in no time.”

The research marks the launch of which offers a brand new online shopping  experience, where you can find and compare fashion at the click of a button helping you find fashion  fast. For inspiration on how to recreate the look of Kate, Victoria and Cheryl visit collections/ for a selection of items picked out by its team of fashion editors.

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5 comments for “Style in View- best and worst dressed list.

  1. To be honest, I’m pretty shocked. Kate Middleton is lovely, but I kind of don’t see how she’s the best out there.:) And Madonna and Kim Kardashian are also a surprise, I don’t necessarily LOVE their style, but wouldn’t put them on worst dressed lists either… Weird.:)

  2. How Cheryl Cole makes best dressed lists is beyond me! I’m surprised Alexa didn’t make an appearance xxx

  3. I am shocked at Kate Middleton, I think she dresses classes and nice but not sure about being top as there are a lot more women that dress nicer.

    I love how Kelly Brook dresses so glad she is in there but not surprised by Tulisa and Katie Price ha ha x

  4. Kate Middleton is such a beautiful woman – I entirely agree with her being voted number 1! She’s classy, elegant and still very stylish. Typical men though eh – good body?! Surely it’s all about making the most of what you have – and not revealing too much!!! xx

  5. Angela

    I don’t know. Kate Middleton dresses super conservative for her age. I think the reason she gets such press is due to her connection to the English monarchy, not because she has great fashion sense. She doesn’t look bad, especially for the English monarchy, don’t get me wrong. She just seems a really conservative dresser for her age in comparison to other people her age (not to royalty who have a pretty bad fashion sense – I guess she is trying to strike a balance….).