Summer Loving @ Motel

Sunny weather and knowing I’ll be booking a holiday soon have led to much swimwear and general holiday clothes browsing today,
one of the first places I hit was and their drop of new arrivals, including the much anticipated swimwear did not let me down!

I’m really enjoying their Ice Cream , especially this bralette…not something I would usually wear, but on holiday anything goes.

Fruit Pastel is such an apt name of this gorgeous one piece…I love a bikini, but my body prefers something more modest and this WILL be mine before I jet off.

Check Blur is a print I’ve not seen before, and I hope Motel use it on more as I adore it! I’m not sure my bladder would cope with a playsuit (hello peanut sized organ) but I do love the idea.

If one is going to splash out on a bikini, it may as well be as pretty as possible. The Twister Bandeau is gorgeous, and actually a lot cheaper than many I have seen on the highstreet.

Where is your one stop shop for holiday essentials? What’s caught your eye?

Oh, and WHERE oh where can I find some shorts that are neither high waisted or hot pants? Bear in mind I’m 5’9 with long legs!

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather


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10 comments for “Summer Loving @ Motel

  1. Gorgeous! Love the last photo:)

  2. I love all of these!!
    Try Matalan for shorts, that’s where I usually get mine, although sadly I’m not as tall and leggy as you.


  3. I really like the swimming costume, its a great pattern and I love the vibrant colours!

    Jess x

  4. I like the pink colour of the MotelRocks skirt in the first photo, the ruffled trim and pattern of the “Fruit Pastel” one-piece, the cut and hemline of the “Check Blur” playsuit and the pretty flower print on the Twister Bandeau bikini.

  5. They have some gorgeous designs – so summery! xo

  6. Awesome picks chick… When you off?

    You would look amaze balls in all of the above.

    Happy Tuesday chick


  7. Ooh these are all so nice xx

  8. Loving the swimsuit and the bikini too.

    X x

  9. Oh Motel we love you.

    I wish I could help with the shorts dilemma, I’m only 5’7 but I suffer from the same issue – I don’t want my butt on display! I think the safest way to avoid flashing too much skin is to buy designer ones. *SIGH*.


  10. Very happy to discover your blog along with the excellent images that you’ve regularly!