Summer Scarves with ScarfWorld

Back when I was in college I was rarely seen without a scarf around my neck- a thick knitted piece in winter followed by something more lightweight when warmer weather came around. They were my kind of trademark, a bit like a comfort blanket but as years have gone by, despite having a few left in my collection I’ve been less inclined to wear them.
I was recently contacted by ScarfWorld, who as the name suggests sell a huge array of scarves and taking a look at the website re-kindled my interest in adding this simple yet stylish accessory to an outfit. I picked out a couple of pieces which were totally different to anything I owned already and set about styling both of them with the same outfit to see what a difference they could make.
The outfit consists of a Primark skirt, New Look vest and some chic ballet pumps. There’s a distinct lack of jewellery involved as I wanted the attention on my necklace and not drawn to some wrist and finger bling instead…that and I kind of forgot about jewellery that morning, oops!
The first scarf you can see is the peach butterfly scarf, which in the summer sun is more of a coral colour with immense butterfly detailing. This scarf is huge, seriously big and could easily double up as a picnic blanket (although it’s too pretty for that). I used to really struggle with this style of scarf as my folding skills are somewhat lacking, but with a little big of practice these become super versatile as they can be folded in several different ways to get different looks. I seriously love this scarf, it’s so bright and summery and excellent value for £7.95, it’s lightweight enough to wear on a really hot day too and I can see it coming in handy for protecting my shoulders against the harsh sun- just an added bonus really!
The second scarf was an entirely different style, which I chose from the huge selection of floral scarves on the website. I love the vintage feel to this and the delicate rose detail. This style is like an oversized bandana and I’ve tied it simply so it sits prettily over my shoulders. This added a real ladylike feel to the entire outfit and I can see me getting a lot of wear out of this, I think it’ll be coming with me as a shawl to a wedding I’m going to in a few weeks time as it ties in wonderfully with my outfit and will be really useful if it gets a little bit chillier in the evening. Again, at £7.95 this is amazing value and the quality of both of these scarves is exceptional.
I’m going to be experimenting more with scarves again now I’ve remembered just how much I love them and I look forward to styling these two in different ways. What’s your favourite way to wear a scarf?


7 comments for “Summer Scarves with ScarfWorld

  1. These are so cute, I love scarves like this for summer! x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. I love how you have worn the cream one over your shoulders It is ‘Little House On The Prairie’ brought up to the 21st Century…so adorable!

    Gems x

  3. You can never own enough scarves – says the girl who probably owns too many of them! Love the design and color of the peach scarf, that’s so pretty!

  4. I love scarves too! That shawl scarf is beautiful

  5. Holly

    Love that coral butterfly scarf it’s so pretty 🙂 I always love scarves on other people but can never style them quite right on myself 🙁 There’s loads in primark that I love at the moment!
    Love Holly x

  6. sounds like my kind of place…