sweet as…

Next Jumper, Matalan skirt, Primark tights, Forever 21 Necklace, New Look flats.

Gosh I’ll be glad when I can get my foot in to shoes again and wear the outfits I want to wear! A foot injury for a shoe addict? Worst nightmare! Fingers crossed it won’t be too long before I’m back in heeled boots and all manner of outfits; things just don’t look the same with a bulky bandage underneath!

Still, nothings broken and I have my latest beauty product favourite to brighten up my days:

‘Make Your Statement’ with the classic scent of NEW Jergens® Original Beauty Lotion Cherry-Almond Body Moisturiser

NEW Jergens® Original Beauty Lotion Cherry-Almond Body Moisturiser has finally crossed the pond to UK shores. The undisputed classic and original ‘beauty’ focused lotion famed for its cult cherry-almond inspired fragrance will now be the go-to body moisturiser for UK women making their ‘statement’ with beautiful soft skin. A new formulation to the UK market, this soothing mix of moisturising ingredients gives dry, dehydrated skin the thirst quench it needs, with a special dose of the classic fresh and awakening cherry-almond scent, leaving skin looking and feeling softer for longer.

With a unique blend of nourishing and softening emollients, NEW Jergens® Original Beauty Lotion Cherry-Almond Body Moisturiser works with the skin to moisturise and softenover a 24 hour period, ensuring skin is smooth to the touch, even at the end of a long day. Unforgettable sweet cherry and a hint of almond doubles not only as a fresh scent but as a gentle kick-start to the morning, allowing beautifully soft, healthy skin to be a daily ‘statement’ that will stand the test of time.

NEW Jergens® Body Moisturisers are uniquely formulated to make a beautiful difference to skin- a difference that can actually be seen, felt and experienced. That’s because Jergen’s body care experts believe it’s not enough for skin to feel its best it should look its best too.

Experience the beautiful difference Jergens® moisturisers can make to skin

NEW Jergens® Original Beauty Lotion Cherry-Almond Body Moisturiser 200ml
RRP £3.49

The smell of this lotion is INCREDIBLE, not overly sweet and sickly but enough to remind you of a Cherry Bakewell (smelling like baked goods is never a bad thing!)
I’ve raved about Jergens products before, I love how fast they sink in and how good they leave my skin feeling and this one is no exception. Although I was sent my sample for review I will totally be re-purchasing this time and time again, I’m a fussy bugger when it comes to moisturisers but this one ticks all the right boxes!

Jergens are also giving away a number of prizes including a designer handbag by Michael Kors, a designer scarf by Mulberry, a pair of designer shoes AND the complete range of Jergens moisturisers which includes 12 Jergens products. The prize is worth over £600!

Plus, Jergens is also giving 10 runners up the full range of Jergens moisturisers and a year’s Marie Claire subscription for the year.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to drown my sorrows in the Cherry Drops sweets that came in the package. I’m sure sugary goods heal muscles better than anything…

Have you tried this yet? Have you come across any other fabulous products that smell like sweet treats?


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  1. soooooooo pretty *_______*

    • ♥♥♥ •


  2. I’d love to try the Jergens body moisturisers but we don’t have them in Australia. Lots of the Soap and Glory products smell like sweet treats.


  3. Love the necklace! Hope you get better soon! xo

  4. Love the little skirt, very pretty x

  5. I really like that necklace!

  6. Love the necklace, really lovely. The skirt is so cute too xo

  7. Vix

    I had a freebie at London fashion Week a couple of years ago and loved it. I’m a cheapskate though and tend to stick to baby oil!
    Love that necklace and your fab tights! x

  8. you have such amazing hair! totally love them + your skirt <3 you look awesome!<3 thank you for sharing :)!

  9. I love the moisturiser, it smells great!

  10. you look super cool. period.

  11. Lovely outfit, the necklace is amazing.

  12. Oh, I’m sorry about your foot. I hope it gets better quickly. Where did you get your piercing? I had one done at the place at the bottom of Gloucester Rd and he didn’t pierce it deep enough and it grew out. Gross – don’t recommend! X

  13. CHERRY ALMOND?!! Sounds perfect for me!

    Maria xxx

  14. Loving that outfit and man that cream sounds like something that’s perfect for me!

  15. you look as snug and set for autumn. i want your outfit.x

  16. That moisturiser sounds NOMMY. Cute skirt too! <3

    The Style Rawr!

  17. I love the necklace, I can’t wait for the forever 21 in Liverpool to open.

  18. I have tried Jergens before and liked the formula. I hate thick creams that refuse to sink in! The cherry fragrance sounds lovely and I now have a craving for cherry drops… Not much I can do about that at this time on a Sunday night!
    Hope your foot heals soon, you without heeled boots isn’t quite the same 🙂

  19. Ooo I hope your foots better soon!

  20. The colour combination of your Next Jumper, Matalan skirt and Primark tights is wonderful (and your hair looks nice too). I also love the colours and design of your Forever 21 Necklace. I hope you heal up quickly, well, and feel much better soon.

  21. Love the necklace so much xxx

  22. Oooh, I’ve always liked the cherry almond scent the best. I used it all up a while ago, so this reminded me to pick up some more next time I go to the store. : )