Tartan Winner

My obsession with tartan started in Winter 2012 and has been a constant lure for me ever since. I’m not always a big print person, but give me that Scottish wonder and I am instantly sold.
Tee: Motel | Skirt: c/o F&F | Boots: c/o Sarenza
I was sent this skirt as part of a style challenge by the lovely folks behind F&F at Tesco and it fast became one of my favourite tartan pieces. The problem I have is that I lack tops, I have oodles of dresses and skirts plus quite a lot of knitwear but not really any actual tops. I found this old favourite tee from Motel though and popped than on. I’m not the biggest fan of slogan clothing but this one gives me a real ego boost. Add in a pair of trusty black ankle boots and this is my standard weekend outfit.
So I guess my mission for next season is to find tops, and not just head straight for dresses. It’s going to be well in to May before I can afford to update my wardrobe so that gives me quite some time to compile a wishlist or six. Where do you lovely people find all your beautiful blouses and tees from? I appear to walk around with my eyes shut in that respect.


12 comments for “Tartan Winner

  1. That tartan skirt is so cute x

  2. Vix

    That outfit looks great, the slogan tee shirt is perfect with the mini kilt, looks cool and edgy.
    My tops always come from charity shops and jumble sales. Cheap enough to play around with and pimp up! x

  3. lol sorry that comment went a bit messed up “soooo short I’m worried it’s indecent” πŸ˜€

  4. You look so beautiful Laura, I love the tartan skirt. I get a lot of my tops from Glamorous, I’m obsessed with their shirts, I have about 6!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  5. You look fab. I am not a fan of tartans but you look great.


  6. You look awesome. I hope you find some tops you like, I’m a massive teeshirt person. Then again, I’m not exactly fashionable, tops and jeans all the way =P

  7. Love a bit of tartan!

  8. Gorgeous outfit!!! I buy s lot of mine from charity shops and a few from Telcos and,Primark and Uniglo. X

  9. You can’t beat a bit of tartan can you? Think I may have to did mine out at some point.

    X x

  10. Don’t think I will ever be bored of tartan again, come rain or shine! <3

    Sophie xo soinspo

  11. SJ

    I love tartan – I saw an amazing 80s body con tartan dress at the Bristol Vintage Fair – very Cher Horowitz – but I dn’t think I could have pulled it off. This shade really suits your colouring πŸ™‚