Flash Trash

It’s a little known fact that once upon a time I used to do some social media for jewellery mega site MyFlashTrash.This was way back in the days when the site was in it’s infancy and founder Amber Atherton hadn’t yet made her debut on Made in Chelsea (life before MIC? really?!)
Since then I’ve followed the site closely, watching it grow from strength to strength with a few new looks along the way. Last week the website was officially relaunched with an amazing new look and I have to say I’m in awe. There’s a fresh new look, trends galore and the most amazing array of jewellery from the affordable house brand “Flash Trash Girl” to the “in my dreams only” selection of the most unique and independent designers out there. I love discovering fresh jewellery talent and this is the place to see it at it’s best.
I’ve popped a little selection of my favourite products in to the post- hover over them to find out who they’re by so you can shop them for yourself. I was also very kindly sent a Flash Trash Girl necklace of my own which was instant love. Delicate layered chain with a teeny little sparkle and a cute little charm. It’s probably never going to be far from my neck over the summer, I love delicate gold jewellery against slightly tanned skin.
I highly recommend you take a look at the site for yourself- fellow jewellery addicts you know you want to! It’s amazing to see how something can grow over the years and it’s strange to think that way, way back I was a very small part of that.


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