The Black and White(pepper)

Dress: THEWHITEPEPPER | Boots: Bertie at House of Fraser | Necklace c/o Kittenish Behaviour
Oh this dress, probably my most worn piece of 2014 so far. I love it and it will certainly earn it’s more than I would usually pay price tag.
I think it goes perfectly with these boots I snagged in the House of Fraser sale. I remember getting the press release for them and coveting them so it was shopping karma really that I eventually owned them. I’m a bit nervous wearing them in this weather because of the white leather, but I did eventually cave last Saturday before the weather became too horrible to even contemplate leaving the house.
I’ve become pretty obsessed with this necklace of late, sent to me by my blogger pal Sian from her glorious online shop I’ve worn it almost every day over recent times.
Today’s my last day at work before my back procedure. Work has been extra frantic lately and I’m glad that when I go back I should be *touch wood* fully fit and functioning. I’m a bit resentful of having to take so much time to heal, but apparently I might get to go back on reduced hours if I respond well to the surgery and do as I’m told.
I’m going to Ben’s tonight for my last weekend there in a while. Poor boy will be forced to come to mine and eat Sunday dinners cooked by my parents and stuff his face on the huge amounts of chocolate and sweets I tend to have around. I have every intention of making him wait on me hand and foot…I just need a “ring for tea” bell and I’m all set.
Have a great weekend folks. What have you been wearing non-stop lately?
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12 comments for “The Black and White(pepper)

  1. SJP

    I know I say this all the time, but I really love that dress! The combination of monochrome, smock and checks make it look so cosy and stylish at the same time. Wishing you all the best for your op xx

  2. I love the dress the whole style of it is gorgeous!

  3. Owhh this dress looks so nice on you!

  4. I hope the procedure goes well and sorts your back out for you.

  5. Wishing you all the best for rest and recovery, take care of yourself xx

  6. Oh hope you are ok. Lately I am wearing my flat boots all the time and I am getting bored of them now! x

  7. The black and white checks look great on you. Thanks for sharing Kittenish Behaviour, there are some great dresses there.

  8. That dress is so pretty and your hair looks great! 🙂

  9. You look lovely Laura, and those boots are so cool! I hope the back procedure goes well and that you’ll be back, fighting fit soon. – Tasha xxx

  10. Fab dress! I haven’t been wearing any one thing in particular recently, quite the opposite as I’m ‘wearing it all again’.
    I hope the procedure goes well, I’m sure Ben won’t mind being your slave for a while… Sunday dinners, chocolates and tea are all so worth it!

  11. Ahhhh, I have this exact same dress from topshop – snap, we are twines! =]

  12. That smock dress is so pretty! I would so wear it every day too! omg the item Ive been wearing nearly every day are these black high waisted black skinnes that just go with everythingg! Lovely post doll really hope your procedure goes amazingly xo