the cold shoulder

Dress: Cheap clothing shop in town (where everything costs a fiver!)
Shoes c/o Zalando GmbH
A couple of weekends ago I had a long overdue catch-up scheduled with my Spain partner in crime, Ellie. We had a potter about the shops in central Bristol and paid a visit to one we often browse in (but at the same time, equally as often overlook) where the stock is hit or miss but it’s worth a browse because the everything is priced at £5.
This time we struck gold. Ellie found a gorgeous top and I picked up this dress…which I then purchased again last Thursday in another colour (darker green and pink) when I was shopping with Mum. It’s one of those finds that so rarely happens, it’s not often I buy the same item twice but I’m pretty glad I did.
I wore this outfit Wednesday afternoon when the boy (I should probably start calling him by his name) came over to chill out for a bit. I teamed it with these wedge trainers that I had as part of my Zalando GmbH music challenge parcel. I will be wearing these to death I think, so comfy and practical and one of the only “high” shoes my foot will tolerate.
Busy weekend ahead for me. I’m at work all day today (yes, I know most people work all day every day) and then again for three hours tomorrow morning as it’s my turn on the Saturday rota. After that I have a leg wax booked, lunch scheduled with Best Friend alongside a visit to my Grandad and then I’m off up to Ellie’s parents’ farm for a family Birthday BBQ extravaganza.
Sunday I shall head from the farm to see the boy, stay there until Monday and then come home, pack and crash out ready to fly out to Spain Tuesday evening. I’m so ready for this holiday, I’m glad I’m busy in the run-up as it means I’ll appreciate the relaxation all the more.
What’s in store for you this weekend?
Are you someone who buys the same item of clothing in multiple colours? Does your town have one of those nameless, cheap and random clothes shops?
Just had to chuck in my current snack food of choice.

16 comments for “the cold shoulder

  1. I LOVE what you named this post hha.

    This dress is beautiful, I really love it, i’ve been after something like this for ages – and you look super good!!

    Why do I not have an money! Boo.

    Kelly ||

  2. Yes to both! I will always buy a dress in a different colour if I really really love it and yes, cheap clothing shops too! The dress is pretty!x

  3. i like the print of the dress 🙂

    christian | my blog :
    greetings from hong kong

  4. That printed dress is adorable, looks quite comfy with the shoes as well! 🙂 /Madison

  5. That dress was a real bargain! It looks lovely. I like the colour, the print and the bow at the waist. Enjoy your busy weekend and best wishes for a pleasant trip to Spain. For myself I’ll probably feel angst that I can’t be two places at once on Monday. I have an obligation Monday evening but at the same time there will be an attempt to break a Guinness world record for people in their underwear on National Underwear Day Aug 5, 2013 5-7PM Times Square Broadway between 46th+47th New York City). Why do things have to be scheduled at the same time?
    Have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful trip to Spain.

  6. that is a darling dress! sounds like you have quite a bit of fun coming up on the docket! have a great holiday L!

  7. They do freddo faces?! How did I not know that?! I need them! You look absolutely lush Laura!

  8. Im SUCH a creature of clothing habit. i literally have gazillions of similar things in my wardrobe.. namely checked shirts and little dresses. i just love em!

    Im also a big fan of dresses with trainers. So thats a rootin tootin cutie look in my books lady!

    Have a fab weekend 🙂

  9. Ooh I love the dress, what a bargain! Hope you have a fab weekend Laura, sounds like it’s gonna be a fun one! xxx

  10. I love your dress! So pretty! Following you now 🙂


  11. that dress is such a lovely colour! I don’t recall ever buying anything in multiple colour, except vest tops x

  12. Freddo faces!!I have never seen those before! Definitely going to have to hunt those down while gandering round the shops on my next trip!
    There are so many of those random shops in Manchester, they’re great for a bargain, awful when people ask where they’re from! ‘ummm, that place near so and so, round the corner from so and so’ haha! xx

  13. I think it’s called Utopia 🙂
    Can’t wait ’til Spain!!!

  14. Such a cute dress in a beautiful colour! Love the shoulder detail x

  15. This dress looks so lovely on you! And such a bargain for only a fiver!! 🙂 xx