The Department of Disappearance

Another one of those stored away outfit posts. I love this blouse so much, the second I saw it I knew it had to be mine even if it did cost more than I usually pay for anything (£36). I’m not an expert at separates, give me a dress and I’m fine. Give me a blouse of pretty top and I become stuck. After a few weeks of pondering and trying on I finally came up with an outfit I was happy with…loose, casual and very me, even sticking to my favoured monochrome.
Blouse: ASOS | Skirt: New Look | Boots: New Look
Life continues at a slow pace, the real world seems quite separate from where I am now, apart from short walks I haven’t interacted with anyone other than family, Ben and a couple of friends! The only world I feel semi caught up in the blogging and twitter one, and even then I’m falling behind. I’m hoping now I’m having less pain and am becoming a bit more mobile I can start getting back to a normal routine and doing normal things. Before I got stuck with this back problem in October I took a lot of things for granted, now I intend to make the best of everything. I just need to get my bum off of the bed, stop internet window shopping for things I can’t afford (but Spring/Summer14 is looking amazing) and get back to it.
Is it time to ditch the monochrome for new season pastels and prettiness? I’m not sure I’m ready to give up the minimalism just yet!


8 comments for “The Department of Disappearance

  1. Mono chrome rocks. Always has, always will. Too stylish to go out of fashion.

    Glad your on the road to recovery. You’ll long for these days when you’re back at work.

  2. I do love the pastel shades of spring and the brights of summer best but monochrome will never go out of fashion! Glad to see you’re already starting to get back on your feet xx

  3. Love the stripes! 🙂

  4. This is such a lovely outfit, monochrome really suits you!

    Maria xxx

  5. Really adore your stripes!

    I never was keen on stripes myself but this year I’ve totally changed my mind and really want to incorporate them into my spring/summer looks.

    Sophie xo soinspo

  6. I adore the shape of this.
    Hope things are feeling better soon!

  7. Love this monochrome look! I don’t think monochrome will ever be out, but I’m starting to fall in love with some of the new spring pastels 🙂 xx

  8. Nah, stick with the monochrome for a bit!!! It definitely suits you!!! X