Magpie Eye: Clea Silk

Another day and another new jewellery brand to admire. Clea Silk  presents an eclectic mixture of bold and bohemian pieces designed by self-confessed magpie Charlie Silk.
Clea Silk is a labour of love. Sourced from an eclectic, contemporary and unique collection of gold plated and silver jewellery found on their extensive travels, Clea Silk use only precious metals and semi-precious stones in their pieces. Inspiration mostly comes from everyday life, involving memories of travels or loved ones. To create a piece that can evoke such happy memories is quite some feat, but seemingly it’s something Clea Silk does to perfection. Each piece is designed to bring meaning to the person wearing it, I’m drawn to some of the brighter pieces reminding me of how happy I am surrounded by family and friends having fun.
Above is just a small selection of my favourite pieces, out of which the shell pendant has to rank as number one simply because it takes me straight back to family holidays on the beach. Even now when visiting a beach I find myself hunting for the perfect shell to bring home.
Price wise you’re looking at between around £25 and £100, really not bad for something so special. Which piece on Clea Silk captures your imagination? This is a brand that truly has something special. As time passes I’m becoming more and more interested in a jewellery and a discovery like this is a real gem (sorry, I had to!)


3 comments for “Magpie Eye: Clea Silk

  1. This is so pretty. The shell is definitely my favourite. It is so unique and beautiful.

  2. That shell! Oh my…these are utterly gorgeous 🙂


  3. I think the shell is my favourite too, brings me back to days at the seaside as a kid! xxx