The Details

I’m not entirely sure what to say about this outfit. It’s one of those that isn’t typical “Laura” style and yet it’s one I really liked. As I’m still working very much part time at the moment I’ve really been embracing the casual approach when I’m at home- it’s gone from being a bit of can’t be bothered kind of thing to something that I can relax and enjoy.

Tee: Daisy Street | Jeans: Noisy May at Very | Shoes: New Look

It’s a bit of an embroidery detail overload here but I’m rollin’ with it. The jeans were a bit of an impulse buy to be honest, not my standard skinnies by any stretch of the imagination. I was suckered in by the “sorry I’m late I didn’t want to come” slogan (despite I’m never late for anything, ever!) and when they arrived I was quite taken with the laid back fit. It’s good to change things up from time to time right?

I pretty much lived in this Daisy Street tee last year, on rotation with the three others I own and now the warmer weather is here I don’t see that changing any time soon. I’ve already declared my love of slogan tees so I won’t ramble on but they really can’t be beat.

The shoes were another impulse buy. Enamoured with the floral embroidery and pretty pink colour I couldn’t resist placing a sneaky New Look order a few weeks ago despite my preference for either ankle boots of converse. I’m determined to get the wear out of these though, they are just so pretty (and comfortable) and pretty perfect to bridge that gap between boots season and sandal season.

Ok, so essentially this is a post about nothing much in particular. I just wanted to share the outfit without really having anything to say for myself. I’m still in that re-adjustment period of being back in work, settling in to routine and building up a pretty nice life outside of it too. I’ll try and bring something more structured to the table next time and in the mean time…what have you been buying lately?


4 comments for “The Details

  1. I’ve been buying… two new pairs of Vans trainers. They’re a mens size 6.5 and I got them cheap because men don’t generally need shoes that small so they’re often on offer – because apparently it doesn’t matter that I’m over 30, I still like to dress like a student. :D I’m currently sat in a pair, trying to break them in. If I go for a walk, they’re gonna rip the skin off the backs of my ankles. :/ New shoe woes.

  2. You look lovely here, so relaxed! I have been getting back into charity shopping recently and managed to find some bargain tops which I am very excited to try out!

    Maria xxx

  3. Love these jeans on you!

  4. The shoes are lovely! I’ve not been buying anything, clothing wise, as I’ve given it up for Lent. I’ve bought a few lovely books though!!x