The Luxe List- The Watch Gallery

Hurrah! It’s Friday and what better way to celebrate than with a “totally out of my budget but I want it anyway” kind of wish list?
I’m forever craving items I can never afford and one of the items I always navigate towards (as I’ve mentioned before) is watches. This wish list comes courtesy of The Watch Gallery and you can blame me later if I’ve left you with serious cravings!
This Frederique Constance watch is classy and elegant- everything I look for in my dream watch. However with a price tag of £1.600 it will have to remain a dream!

This Gucci watch seems a bargain compared to the above price tag, coming in at £665. I love how edgy yet classical this is, it fits perfectly with my A/W style and I can’t see it ever dating. Doesn’t mean I can buy it though, dammit.

Another “will never date” classic is this beauty from the legendary Tag Heuer watches. It’s probably best not to mention the price but should I ever come in to millions this would be one of the first accessories I buy.

Last but not least is another Gucci beauty. Another relative bargain at £560 I just love this and don’t really see a need to explain why- the proof is in the picture!

Are you as much of a luxury watch fiend as I am? What would be your dream dial?

2 comments for “The Luxe List- The Watch Gallery

  1. I’ve never had a fancy watch before! I love this black Gucci watch, my dream one would be a Cartier though xxx

  2. I can only dream of owning any. I especially love the last one.