the night before Christmas

Or perhaps the “the night before the night before” as this is what I wore for my last working day this side of Santa.
Topshop penguin jumper, Primark skirt, Tesco tights and Yull boots. This jumper may have been way overpriced, but it makes me smile whenever I see it (and it made other people smile too) so a worthy investment.

And now, Christmas Eve. Always a funny day, the calm before the storm. No matter how old I get there is a bubble of excitement. My plan is to fully relax and enjoy my few days off work, and make sure that come the 28th Dec I go back chilled out and feeling like there has been a break…made that bit sweeter by knowing that after the 30th I have two whole weeks stretching ahead of me.

Has anyone started sales shopping yet? Damn there are some killer ones out there; Motel, Dorothy Perkins, Matalan, River Island, Topshop, ASOS…I just can’t stop window browsing. Half the fun for me is the anticipation/russian roulette of letting fate decide what you get by waiting for further markdowns; if what you want is even cheaper than clearly it is meant to be!


22 comments for “the night before Christmas

  1. I feel all Christmassy now looking at the cute jumper!

  2. I want a Christmas jumper I never got round to getting one this is gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful Christmas hun xoxo

  3. that is the cutest jumper in the world! X

  4. I love that jumper so much, I dont care how much you paid for it, cause it was worth every cent. Merry Christams.

  5. I have been looking at the sales but I am trying to hold off in case they do get marked down more after Christmas. Have a lovely Christmas!


  6. I’ve just had to close several windows, as I was so close to purchasing some sale goodies! It feels too much like cheating, as it’s not actually boxing day yet, therefore I shall restrain myself. I agree with you though, the further mark downs are pretty much a sure thing, it’s just playing the lucky game.

    Have a wonderful Christmas time, lots of love xxx

  7. ahh I love the penguin jumper, what a cute chappie. Enjoy your Christmas and break from work! 🙂 xx

  8. Kb

    I’ve done a bit of sale shoe shopping though one of my pairs came in the wrong size, which I’m gutted about as they’ve sold out! Ordered the Cheap Monday pair I blogged about from asos, so hopefully they’ll be okay. Am hoping all the APC stuff I want goes down again as no one seems to be buying at the mo. I definitely prefer sale online shopping to real-life, so much more relaxing!

  9. Such a cute jumper! Hope you have a fab Christmas!!

    Emma xx

  10. Jo

    I’m having serious Christmas jumper envy! You look awesome. Wishing you a merry Christmas for tomorrow!

  11. What a seriously CUTE outfit!! LOVE it!

  12. This is a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.

  13. Penguin! Ahem… sorry about that.

    I blasted an order for ASOS and Topshop on Xmas eve, best deal- m fave Topshop jeans down from £40 to £25, and a further 10% student discount. HAPPY BUNNY.

  14. That jumper is so cute!

    I only went sale shopping today without any planning ahead. Had a few things that had to be purchased rather than snapping up clothes. Got myself a few practicals that were down in price.

    In response to your comment on my blog, my mum had asked me if I wanted a cake pop maker after spotting one in Lakeland but apparently that sold out when she went along so she bought me one from Argos. Mine is by a company called Sweet Treats. Hope that helps.

    Morag x

  15. You look adorable! I LOVE this outfit!

    Maria xxx

  16. As a huge penguin fan that jumper is so adorable!

  17. H

    Loving the Penguin jumper. Topshop do surprise me!
    You’re looking really well Laura 🙂

    Oh and not that I need to encourage you to spend money (you do that enough yourself) but the shatter polish is defo worth it! 😉

    Hugs xx


  19. Love that jumper, I was very tempted by it but the couldn’t justify the price. I had hoped it would be in the sale so I could buy it ready for next year but it isn’t on their site any more.

    I hope you had an amazing Christmas xxx

  20. That sweater is amazing. Reminds me of my Christmas one with a Teady Bear i love wearing lol.

  21. Sarah Watkinson-Yull

    Love the chelsea boots!

  22. I adore you Laura and find myself utterly defenseless.

    I will be making Daisy Chain daily reading in 2012.

    There. Resolved. Now must toddle off to the shops 🙂

    xoxo – Petra