The not so Shabby Apple

Shabby Apple is an American brand, one I’ve seen on many USA based blogs over the time I’ve been blogging. I’d always admired the simplicity and quality of the dresses from afar, so when Dayna got in touch and asked if I’d like to receive a dress, I was very quick to say yes!

“We started Shabby Apple because we saw a need in women’s fashion that was not being met. A need to make women feel feminine and beautiful for what they wear, not what they bare. We offer flirty, stylish dresses a woman can wear just as comfortably in the office, at a family dinner, or on a date. Shabby Apple is a fashion company for women, by women, and of women.
Because serving women and families is a core value at Shabby Apple, we devote a certain percentage of our net proceeds to charitable causes serving women and children”

The dress I picked was the moon river …a little bit Mad Men, a little bit of vintage glamour, and a gorgeous charcoal grey colour…I was smitten.
Because of the shipping to the UK and the value of the dress, I did have to pay a customs charge to receive this (which Shabby Apple very kindly took care of) so if you are in the UK and want to order, please factor that in…
but don’t let that put you off. One of a kind dresses. Made to fit you and flatter you. Amazing quality fabric and craftsmanship…if I had a super special occasion coming up (I’m already thinking to my friends wedding in May) I’d be investing.

Worn with Tesco tights (oh, the glamour) and those New Look shoes again!

Happy Monday folks…hope it’s a good one.


P.S. Matalan giveaway still going on!

21 comments for “The not so Shabby Apple

  1. Jo

    Such a pretty dress! <3 I love the perplum detail!

    Lost in the Haze

  2. you got offered a dress! Thats so awesome, I’ve seen them everywhere. you look lovely

  3. oooo so cute, I love shabby apple

  4. Wow, so lucky! A gorgeous dress really! And I like your hair color! Hello from Rome!

  5. I love the detail on this dress, gorgeous.

  6. Vix

    Loving the peplum waist and the perfect fit. You look adorable. x

  7. You look lovely 🙂 very smart x

  8. That dress is gorgeous – just been poking their website and my they do some lovely things!

  9. Love the dress – the details gorgeous! x

  10. What a lovely dress! You always make lovely choices when you get to choose a freebie!

  11. Looks stunning on you!
    I was once lucky enough to win one of there dresses:D

  12. this dress really suits you, i love the frills!

  13. Mat

    the brand seems pretty elegant

  14. That’s a really cute dress, I love the ruffles. It looks perfect for the office or dressing up for a night out! x

  15. E

    Your hair! I don’t think I’d seen it before now and it’s so so cool! look’s particularly wonderful with this gray ensemble!

  16. What a stunning dress!


  17. I do like the look of Shabby Apple dresses but whenever I’ve tried to order one dress from them in the past they want to charge a huge huge amount in postage to the UK (over half the value of the dress). I queried them about it because I’ve bought things from the States before that certainly didn’t cost that much to post and got quite a rude e-mail back. So for now I’ll just admire from afar until they change their postage rates!! x

  18. That dress is lovely, you look fab bb!